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May 2019

Shortening a Long Road

How We’re Able to Give Back Through the Idaho Military Legal Alliance

At Generations Law Group, our roots run deep. We care about our community and those that came before us. From the postman to the business leaders that make our country what it is, we believe that every person deserves to have their voice heard and to have an equal opportunity to make something spectacular out of their life, especially those who have given it all for our country. As a veteran of the New Jersey National Guard, it’s one of my life’s great passions to do whatever I can to give back to our military population, which is why I am proud to be a chair of the Idaho Military Legal Alliance (IMLA). Since 2013, IMLA has worked to increase access to pro bono legal services for Idaho’s military population. IMLA's objectives include: coordinating services of IMLA partners, providing continuing legal education on military legal issues, supporting military legal clinics in all parts of Idaho, and recruiting pro bono attorneys to help Idaho’s military population. My short time in the military had an immeasurable impact on my life, and I’ll never lose the bond I shared with my fellow servicemen. I always felt a certain degree of guilt that I wasn’t deployed into combat during my time

in the National Guard. Though I was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, I have the utmost respect for those who found themselves in a faraway land with only their brothers and sisters in arms to rely on. That takes courage, and sometimes it can take even more courage to come back home and try to put those times behind you. That’s why I fight today as a lawyer, and that’s why I choose to donate my time and energy to this cause. Members of our military population sometimes have unique legal problems that only former military members will understand. That’s why I was proud to join the IMLA board. Although IMLA is still a relatively young organization, we’ve been able to make a significant difference for our military population. We use our unique roles to provide free will writing clinics at the Boise VA, offer walk-in clinics, and generally try to assist veterans with any legal questions they may have. Even so, we won’t remain content in our services. There is so much more we can offer down the line, and we certainly plan to. In the future, we hope to open up a veteran’s small- business clinic where we can guide them through the legal processes necessary to get their venture up and running. We are also working to

expand our reach into northern and eastern Idaho.

Our group of volunteers may be small, but we plan on letting our clients dream big by giving them the legal aid they need to succeed. It is our job as business owners and former soldiers to give back. To learn more about the Idaho Military Legal Alliance, visit our website at .

–Matt Wolfe



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