MIYC Membership Guide

Mariner ’ s Society

What is the Mariner’s Society? Contributions from generous MIYC Members have made a real difference to the success of Marco Island Yacht Club. As a Club, we want to recognize these Members for their generosity and their impact benefitting all of us. A Mariner’s Society recognition plaque with the names of individuals making significant contributions is on display for all Members to view in the entry area of the Club. The Mariner’s Society recognizes four levels of contribution, reflecting a Member’s cumulative contributions. Mariner’s Society Recognition Levels • Bronze $ 500 • Silver $ 2,500 • Gold $10,000 • Diamond $20,000 Certificates of Appreciation are presented at the Annual Meeting to Members who have donated at one of these levels. Mariner’s Society honorees who make additional contributions may move from one level of recognition to a higher one, and will be recognized again at the Annual Meeting. Donations can be in cash or cash equivalents. How are Donations Used? Many contributions are in connection with appeals for specific projects, such as the recent refurbishment of the Tiki Hut. A Board Committee has been established to identify areas or projects needing contributions from Members. Other contributions are not directed to specific projects but rather made to support ongoing, emergency or future needs for capital improvements in the Club.

How can I make a donation? If you would like to make a donation to the MIYC Capital Fund supporting the sustainability further improvement of Marco Island Yacht Club, please contact Jon Holt at jholt@holtpa.com.


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