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Partnering With Customers ( Cont’d from Page 9)

position, there was never any pause in pursuing it. As I got to know the people within Koenig & Bauer better during the interview process, I developed an appreciation for how every level of the organization carried themselves, both within the confines of the company and externally in supporting its customers. This strong company culture compounded with a very sound corporate strategy, are two areas that made an immediate impression and made me proud to join Koenig & Bauer. FMN: What do you hope to accomplish in your role with Koenig & Bauer? Koenig & Bauer is in the midst of a very exciting time in its 200 year history. It just celebrated that amazing milestone and is accelerating its growth within the printing industry. One of the more exciting aspects of my position is to be introducing new tech- nology within a variety of different printing/packag- ing segments and printing processes. Under the Web & Specialty Press division, we have equipment solu- tions for the flexible packaging, corrugated, metal decorating, commercial printing, and folding carton segments, with flexo, digital, and offset solutions with- in each of those respective markets. In my role, we’ve been steadily increasing a team of sales and technical specialists to support our customers at every stage of the process and provide them with the highest level of service when they partner with Koenig & Bauer. One of our fastest growing segments, flexible packaging, known by the Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica product line, is gaining considerable attention in the market, not only for the newly developed press technol- ogy, but for our supporting personnel. I’ve had the pleasure of representing Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica as a newly-appointed member to the board of directors of the Flexographic Technical Association and board of trustees of the Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association.We’re reaching existing and potential customers who recognize that our presses and our service and training, based in Dal- las,Texas, is critical for their success.We have quality customers that are installing our Koenig & Bauer Flex- otecnica presses at their facilities as we speak. As an equipment supplier, it might sound cliché to suggest partnering with your customers, but it is something that we believe we can take a step fur- ther. Koenig & Bauer can provide resources that offer a higher level of service to our customers, particular- ly in areas that many would not traditionally look to- ward a supplier for assistance. The partnership (Cont’d on Page 13)

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