Bright Star Care - June 2018


JUNE 2018


WHERE DES I RE AND COMPASS ION MEET The Heart Behind BrightStar Care ® W hen we started this business, some people thought we were crazy. The economy was struggling, and there

Judy was a natural at this and numerous other aspects. She is the personification of compassion and always made this process as smooth and seamless for clients as possible. As a matter of fact, when she left to retire, there were

was no precedent for anyone to strike out and become an entrepreneur. But in spite of the odds, “The Jim and Judy Show,” as it was known, was born. Our primary objective was to combine Judy’s compassion and heart for people with Jim’s unique understanding of sales. It was the perfect joining of skills to grow a business and assist people during extremely challenging times in their lives. It doesn’t get more high stakes than transitioning a patient fromhospital to home. It’s an emotional journey that is amplified by the severity of the patient's condition and the complexity of treatment. When we started this business, we saw that sensibility not as a negative but rather as a way to distinguish ourselves. Coming home shouldn’t be another hurdle for a patient to overcome. That’s why we genuinely aim to personalize the experience for each person we have the pleasure to serve. Our services go beyond just making home care comfortable. We’ve seenmany patients so bombarded withmedical jargon that they don’t understand their conditions. Blinding you with science is not our game. To recover correctly, patients need to understand everything about their home care: chronic conditions, safety obstacles, medications, proper diet, and health support resources. That’s why we break down the medical terminology— so patients can comprehend every facet of their situation.

concerns that perhaps Judy was irreplaceable; the void that her heart and service left just couldn’t be filled. It’s not easy to find a replacement for someone so self-sacrificing and dedicated to her craft. That’s why we are incredibly blessed to have found Kelly Honn, who now serves as our director of nursing. She embodies selflessness, and she takes the time to understand each individual’s concerns.


Our agency is accredited by The Joint Commission®, which raises our patients’ level of trust. Though trust isn’t just built fromqualifications; we answer our phones 24/7, 365 days a year. Some people call us seeking vital information; others call with less important matters, but we’re just as eager to answer and help where we can. Without trust, we can’t do our jobs. So for us, there is no call too big or too small to take. When we’re not assisting patients at work, we serve others in our free time. Monica LaBrot, our customer service andmarketingmanager, is very active in the Wheaton community. Whether it’s doing community service or putting together care packages for refugees, she’s always looking to give back. Jim loves finding the next great book that can help himbetter serve others or improve himself —when he’s not throwing down the next killer authentic southern recipe in the kitchen. When it’s all said and done, we started this business for the same reason our readers went into their fields. We are here to serve others because it’s our passion. Our collective desire is to take one of the most challenging transitions anyone will go through and turn it into an experience where they feel loved, safe, and engaged. That’s what we do, andmore importantly, it’s who we are.

—Jim Flickinger

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