American Consequences - August 2020

1977, served less than a year in jail, and then taught mathematics at Central New Mexico Community College – in Albuquerque, up I-25 from where you were pouring concrete, Kent. From what I can tell from Googling around, none of the working-class kids Rudd taught (and I hope his arithmetic added up better than his politics) were impressed or could have cared less that their instructor was a former ‘60s Marxist icon. Marx had a lot to say about the working class, but he never bothered to talk to a worker. I took the time to investigate what Europeans ate before the potato was introduced. It’s the turnip. Threaten the kids with a steady diet of turnips and milk (fresh from the cow, the natural way). – RJS P.J. O’Rourke comment: Thank you for your research, RJS. From now on, my children will be getting nothing but baked turnips, mashed turnips, turnip chips, French fried turnips, turnip salad, and turnip tots, accompanied by milk right out of the udder, and all served in the smelly barn. Your article today was awesome. I so enjoyed it this Monday morning. I could just picture all of that going on with your 20-somethings in these days and times. You must have the patience of a Saint... yeah, that’s it; Saint O’Rourke! – Lyle N. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Hmm... Father Gilhooey at my local parish might beg to differ with that last point. The only candles anyone’s ever lit to me were on birthday cakes (and over the past few years those are getting

of them actually knew a little about Marx and Hegel instead of the few slogans that some fool professor has shared with the newbies. They still wouldn’t admit that Marxism in its various forms was universally lethal, oppressive, economically devastating and the “dictatorship of the proletariat” never got a chance because all that happened was that the old tyrants got replaced by a small class of new and much more deadly tyrants. – Kent C. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Kent, you are – as we Mustang Maoists used to say – “Right on!” And I’m glad that you had the sense to turn us loudmouths off. I should have known better myself. My family was hanging on to the bottom rung of the middle class by their fingernails. So, as a ‘60s protester, I wasn’t really a rich idiot – I was just an idiot. Meanwhile, for those too young to remember Mark Rudd or who have given him a well- deserved forgetting... Mark was a left-wing SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) organizer and the leader of the 1968 take-over and occupation of Columbia University by anti-Vietnam War protestors. He was one of the founders of the SDS off-shoot terrorist group called the Weather Underground. In 1970, he had to go into hiding after three of his fellow terrorists blew themselves to bits while making bombs in the basement of a Greenwich Village townhouse owned by the wealthy parents of Weather Underground member Cathy Wilkerson (who was more like a Rolls Royce Radical than a Mustang Maoist). Rudd surrendered to authorities in

American Consequences


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