American Consequences - August 2020



Gold is absolutely soaring right now. Just this past week, the asset hit $2,041 per ounce... marking an all- time historic high. Rock bottom interest rates have driven the price higher, and uncertainty in the market has caused investors everywhere to pile in. Goldman Sachs even released a report predicting gold will surge another 20% by this time next year... to around $2,300 per ounce.

just at the beginning stages of a historic gold rally . Still, many are left wondering, “Am I too late?” Not at all, I say... In fact, there’s a $10 trade you can make today that’ll help you capitalize on the biggest move in gold we’ve ever seen. Keep in mind: You’ve likely never heard of this company... It’s not a miner. It’s not a fund. And it’s not an ETF. I consider it the #1 way to play the current gold rally today. Get the full story while there’s still time, right here.

But I think they’re drastically underestimating the metal...

And as someone who’s been finding ways to profit off gold since it was under $1,100... I believe we’re now

American Consequences


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