American Consequences - August 2020


T he seasons steal by in 2020. First Millions of Americans remain unemployed. More than 165,000 are dead. Hotspots are increasingly moving from cities to small towns. Any return to school is haphazard at best. And the upcoming election has the potential to dramatically shift our nation. Americans are getting desperate. spring, then summer... Now, we enter autumn with few illusions. There is no simple way out of this crisis of our own making. And the slow-moving financial catastrophe brought about by the government’s response to the pandemic is only going to get worse. Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke kicks us off this month with a deep dive into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s many, many, many plans for America. Joining us for the first time... and with many more to follow... is award-winning journalist Trish Regan. She shares a tale of her travels in socialist Venezuela – and concludes with a stark warning for America. Our financial coverage for industries and sectors hit by COVID-19 continues... • Buy real estate in COVID-19 times, writes Kendra Todd – who both won The Apprentice and worked with now-President Donald Trump on his record-breaking $95 million sale of a Palm Beach oceanfront estate. • But dump airlines, Bill McGilton and Warren Buffett say... as we wonder which major airline will be the first to go bankrupt.

• Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shows that the Melt Up is back, with the market moving past the pandemic... and why you must be invested as stocks soar far higher than anyone imagines. • Wall Street truth-teller Joel Litman details the “At-Home Revolution” and how loss aversion can make your potential profits vanish. As always, we’re watching Twitter so you don’t have to... Dr. David Eifrig has 10 tips to save in COVID-19 times... And globetrotting financial writer Kim Iskyan shows how the debt jubilee is going global. And don’t miss... Libertarian journalist John Stossel details why private business succeeded where NASA failed in the space race. Stanford economics professor John B. Taylor shows that school choice is the only option for improving America’s education system. Pat Buchanan labels today a stress test of a straining superpower... and one we might fail. Finally, Executive Editor Buck Sexton takes us full circle with a look at Joe Biden and his habit of saying things that are barely coherent and often absurd... and why Joe may be a Trojan horse candidate for the far-left agenda. Please read and share our latest magazine, and tell us what you think at feedback@ Regards, Steven Longenecker Publisher, American Consequences


August 2020

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