American Consequences - August 2020



How many times have you heard these phrases this year... We’re all in this together... The new normal... Unprecedented... Challenging times... Hundreds, maybe even thousands? But one multimillionaire business owner from Maryland is urging you to look a little deeper... He says: While most people are focusing on face masks and stimulus checks... they’re ignoring what’s really happening... the NEXT big and inevitable event , which will determine your financial future... and how much you have for retirement. This same man, a renowned stock market expert followed by hundreds of thousands of readers , also predicted

the collapse of General Motors, the bankruptcy of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2008, and the exact bottom of the market earlier this year. Now, he’s released a bombshell new presentation you’ll never see anywhere in the mainstream media. He claims most Americans are falling for a “Big Lie” right now that’ll make the rich richer while most folks get left behind. To see if you’re buying into the “Big Lie” check out his controversial free presentation while it’s still online here.

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