American Consequences - August 2020


If working at home is the first contributor to the latest chapter in the at-home revolution, playing at home is the second. The third is people’s need for supplying themselves at home, an integral part of spending more time there. While for many people one of the top priorities of this category has been food delivery, it’s actually much broader. Supplying your home means stocking up on everything you need in order to be comfortable at your house. That means delivering food and groceries – including the strangely, temporarily elusive toilet paper, of course. It also means delivering clothes, electronics, and all of the things you’d like to avoid having to go through traffic, parking, and physical retail stores to go and get. Again, none of this is new... Amazon has been supplying more than books for decades. And e-commerce has been disrupting retail for years. Think of all the secular trends that we’ve grown tired of hearing about when people discuss the “retail apocalypse.” Far more than just goods are the services required for spending more time at home. It’s not just ordering a gift or a meal from the comfort of your favorite chair anymore. For years, many people have done their taxes online using TurboTax or other platforms. Now, it’s all about being able to visit your doctor without having to go to their office, or have a contractor inspect something wrong with an appliance without ever having to come into your house.

The pandemic is truly transforming the world by accelerating the at-home revolution, and there are massive opportunities for those who can identify the companies that are going to be the winners of this revolution. is releasing movies directly to streaming... After Dreamworks’ online-only Trolls: World Tour had significant success just after the pandemic struck America, many more have decided to take the same path... from The King of Staten Island , to Artemis Fowl , and many more. Some movie-production houses are actively talking about abandoning the theater altogether. But that isn’t all that people have been doing to entertain themselves during the pandemic’s shelter-at-home economy. These trends have led to folks investing more in AV equipment to entertain themselves, and they’ve also bought more games, both board and video, put more money into their outdoor spaces, and have been investing more in their ability to play at home. directly to the platform with only a limited theatric release long before the pandemic struck. People have been enjoying the idea of skipping the theater and watching movies at home for years. And it isn’t just Netflix or Amazon Prime that


August 2020

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