American Consequences - August 2020

MERITOCRACY AT RISK The nation is grappling with hyperinflation that’s so bad that its bolivar currency is seen as worthless. Thousands of bolivars litter the streets, and they’re so worthless that locals have even resorted to making them into crafts.

ruin a strong economy in 20 years. It’s a class warfare story that Americans should pay close attention to right now as we watch the likes of Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and even Joe Biden – who is defenseless against his party’s rabid progressive (and I’d argue oppressive ) wing of the party – promote a form of economic populism that emphasizes higher taxes for those who work and free stuff for those who don’t. Today, our entire American system is under attack... The nation is grappling with hyperinflation that’s so bad that its bolivar currency is seen as worthless. Thousands of bolivars litter the streets. Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont who honeymooned in the former Soviet Union as then-mayor of Burlington, was nearly the Democrat nominee for president. Now, Joe Biden has lost all sense of self as he attempts to appease the uber left wing of his party who demand a new economic order. In their socialist utopia, work and investment is penalized through higher income and capital gains taxes, while the poorest members of society are provided with free college, free health care, free childcare, free everything ... through far-reaching government programs. Sounds familiar? Chavez, too, offered

People are starving. The latest data that we have, from 2018, showed that the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds in a year. Food is an increasingly scarce commodity that they cannot afford. Indeed, 90% of the population lacks regular access to food. Meanwhile, failure to maintain the country’s infrastructure has resulted in an electrical grid that suffers from constant outages. The government blamed one major outage last year – one that left people without clean water – entirely on the U.S., with Maduro specifically citing U.S. intelligence operatives and Florida Senator Marco Rubio as the instigators. “The electricity war declared and directed by U.S. imperialism against our people will be defeated,” he claimed. “Nothing and nobody will vanquish the people of Bolivar and Chavez.” In other words, it’s imperialism and capitalism that are to blame – always. Looting, meanwhile, is now rampant. And thanks to the government’s confiscation of all firearms, it’s mostly the aforementioned colectivo gangs – a kind of paramilitary group courtesy of Cuba – that have the guns. The rest of society runs the risk of arrest if they’re caught with a firearm. Venezuela’s lawless economy should serve as an ominous, real-time case study in how to

American Consequences


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