American Consequences - August 2020

academic institutions, the young people of Venezuela recognize the dangers of socialism. They’ve seen for themselves how it destroyed their country. As such, you’ll encounter young people in Venezuela that are attracted to capitalism because they see capitalism for what it is: freedom. Last year, I traveled to Bogota, Colombia to interview Vice President Mike Pence. The VP was in the region to meet with Latin American leaders... including the former speaker of the National Assembly – and now, internationally recognized new Venezuelan president – Juan Guaido. (His presidency, was and still is, disputed by Venezuelan dictator Maduro, and the dispute of power has further descended the country into chaos.) The stronger American freedom is, the stronger our economy is... and thus, the stronger our nation is. Guaido and his wife had risked their lives, traveling across the Venezuela-Colombia border in Cucuta for a chance to sit down with Pence and encourage other regional leaders to proactively distance themselves from Maduro – the former bus driver turned Chavez appointee who assumed the presidency upon Chavez’s death in the spring of 2013. The Guaidos had left their toddler daughter at home with family and, when I spoke with them, were not yet sure how they would return home as Maduro had ordered it illegal for Guaido to leave the

country. As such, they risked being jailed upon their return. But as freedom fighters, they both shared an optimism for what their country could be, if only the right policies were in place. “What is your advice to those us of in the United States who are contemplating a socialist regime here?” I asked Guaido, the man seen as the future of his country. “Never forget how fragile freedom is,” he told me. “Freedom can be fleeting.” And isn’t that the truth. We must always protect our freedoms... Our freedom of speech, our freedom to protect ourselves, our freedom to earn and become prosperous. The stronger American freedom is, the stronger our economy is... and thus, the stronger our nation is. “Live Free or Die” is the motto on the license plates of the state I still call home, New Hampshire. Those words speak truth. Our freedom is all we have. Trish Regan is one of America's brightest and most recognized conservative economic thought leaders. An award-winning journalist, Trish is the host of "Trish Intel," a daily television show dedicated to economic and political truth, as well as a columnist for several publications.


August 2020

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