American Consequences - August 2020



5G has barely hit the market...And already there is something more powerful.

In fact, this new technology is so superior to consumer 5G...Former tech executive Jeff Brown believes we are looking at an early version of a completely different technology: “6G.” Right now, the biggest companies in America are paying a king’s ransom to gain access to this “6G” network.

access doesn’t stop in the corporate world. NASA, the U.S. Department of State, the USDA...The European Space Agency...Even the world-famous British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC)... All are currently using this explosive early “6G” network. Jeff Brown just completed a full investigation into “6G”. One company runs this private network. And Jeff believes this “6G” pioneer is the most important tech company in the world. In this video, he’ll share the name and ticker symbol of this “6G” company. “This is the next way to invest in the tech boom.” ~ Silicon Valley angel investor Jeff Brown

Names like:

ƒ McDonald’s ƒ Disney ƒ Johnson and Johnson

ƒ BMW ƒ ESPN ƒ Zillow ƒ Pfizer ƒ Airbnb ƒ Sony ƒ General Electric ƒ Capital One

Even supposedly advanced technology com- panies are desperate to access 6G. Apple is paying $30 million every month to use this early 6G network. Facebook forks over $11 million per month for private access. And Netflix spent $19 million a month during the pandemic. The list of groups paying for “6G”

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