American Consequences - August 2020

Fans of Biden politely call his tendency to make stuff up about himself “embellishments.” Lies would be more accurate. For most of the Trump opposition, none of this seems to matter. Biden is not Trump, and that’s good enough for them. The signs of cognitive decline, lack of a meaningful political platform, and hyper-controlled campaign are a price that must be paid to get Trump out of office. There's also a widespread belief in political circles – one that Democrats won't say aloud for fear of scaring off independents and swing voters in key states – that Biden would be a Trojan horse candidate for the far-left agenda of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrat hardliners. More likely is that his imminent pick for VP will represent the real hopes and dreams of the Democrats, as one- termer Biden becomes a bridge presidency for his just-announced vice presidential pick Kamala Harris. Few will remember the predictions of today come November, but observations have a longer shelf life. One that is difficult to avoid, whatever one’s politics, is the most straightforward of all: Joe Biden is not up for this, and his supporters simply don’t care.

Fans of Biden politely call his tendency to make stuff up about himself “embellishments.” Lies would be more accurate. Biden ran for president again in 2007, and unable to get past fifth place in the Democrat primary, dropped out. He was never able to get more than 1% of the primary vote. His name in the polls was right alongside bizarre curiosities in the Democrat field like Dennis Kucinich, a man whose biggest contribution to the election was introducing the concept of a “United States Department of Peace” to work against the Pentagon. Biden was a third-tier politician with a fourth-tier mind until the Obama team needed a known quantity to add a little bit of foreign policy experience. Now Biden wants the top job again... and he may get it. Despite the surge of socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren during the 2019 primary, the Democrat faithful went with Joe Biden at the last minute. He’s the quintessential middling senator from Delaware, his clear limitations somehow failing to limit his rise. His campaign has been a tightly scripted, stage-managed presentation, mostly from the Biden basement in Delaware. Public contact with candidate Biden is strictly controlled by his handlers. If he wins the presidency, he will take office at 78 years of age.

American Consequences


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