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January 2018

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Write It Down!

Plus 4 More Suggestions for Reaching Your Goals

Keep It Simple Most of our resolutions involve big, long- term aspirations, but starting with small goals is also a great place to start. One simple goal is committing to moving more. We see many people with musculoskeletal problems who would probably feel better if they just moved more. There are simple ways to get started, too. If you have a desk job, get up more. Set an alarm to move every hour. Spend five minutes walking around the office or stretching by your desk. Connect with a co-worker and go for a walk together on your lunch break. Posture awareness is important, too. Remind yourself, maybe through a visual reminder or alarm, to sit up straight and contract your abdomen and shoulder blade muscles so you aren’t slouching forward. It’s a small step, but that’s how you get big results. We hope you find these suggestions helpful as you are work toward your goals. Our team is here to help you do it, so reach out when you need that support.

It’s 2018, and somehow, another year has passed. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions with aspirations toward positive change. Unfortunately, nearly as many of us fail — only about 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Is your goal focused on weight loss or getting more fit? Our team has some key steps to share with you that will help you achieve your goals and be successful. Write It Down Don’t just say what you’re going to do and expect it to happen. Spend some time making a plan. If your goal is focused on weight loss and nutrition, meet with a professional dietician or nutritionist. Together, you can make a plan that is realistic. Or, if you’re going to do some other diet plan, research it and see if the plan is something you can do. If your goals focus more on physical fitness, work with your physical therapist, doctor, or a personal trainer to make a plan. Of course, as they always say, check with your doctor first to make sure you don’t have any condition that would preclude you from starting an exercise program. Your physical therapist can evaluate you to check for weaknesses or imbalances that need to be addressed as part of your program. We can also make recommendations about footwear and other guidelines to help ensure you will be successful with your exercise program. Meanwhile, a personal trainer can work with you on a day-to-day

basis, keep you accountable, motivate you, and help adjust your program.

Keep Your Written Plans Visible Once you’ve written down your goals, keep them in sight! Put the paper somewhere you’ll see it every day — maybe on your bathroom mirror. Try finding pictures that represent your goals. Find a frame or board to put them on. If it’s visually appealing, you’ll be more motivated to look at it and follow through on the goals. exercise program and try to move forward too quickly. Often, they end up with some sort of injury. Work with your physical therapist to get an assessment of your abilities before starting an exercise plan. They will provide guidelines so you’ll know when it’s okay to push yourself and when you should rest. Stay Accountable Being accountable to yourself is a start, but goals are most successful when you make a plan and have accountability with another person. Accountability might be meeting your sister or friend every Wednesday to do a workout video together. It might be accountability to a trainer or with a group who work out together. What if you start a challenge in your office or with a group of people who have similar goals and can work together? Ease In We see plenty of people who get into an

Happy New Year from the Elite Physical Therapy team!

–Bart Jones

You can apply the same principles to weight loss.

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