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Make Reading a Family Resolution Want to See Better Report Cards in 2018?

Every parent wants to see their child do well in school, and there’s one fun activity that benefits students of all ages: reading. In a world with so much stimulation, however, it can be difficult to motivate kids to put down a screen and pick up a book. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to make reading a priority. Here are a few tips to make 2018 the year your kids become bookworms. we’re guessing everyone in your household could stand to read a little more. You don’t have to read the same books or set identical goals, but it’s a lot more fun when everyone participates. Schedule weekly reading discussions so everyone can share the cool stories they’ve read. Stack your completed books Make It a Family Resolution There’s no better motivator than solidarity! Plus,

in your house somewhere as a monument to all the knowledge your family has gained.

and create lists of both completed and to-be- read books. Users also create reading lists based on topic, genre, decade, and more. With over 2 billion books added, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Biblionasium offers the same services, but it’s designed specifically for children. Talk to other parents and create a network of friends and classmates. After all, nothing is cooler to a kid than what their friends are doing. Avid readers tend to do better academically from kindergarten through college. In fact, a study from the Journal of Education and Practice found that reading comprehension predicted success in other subjects more than any other factor. If you want to see improved report cards, make a reading resolution for your entire household.

Set Reward Milestones Positive reinforcement will propel your kids to keep reading long after the calendars have turned. For a certain number of books completed or hours spent reading, offer them a prize. You can even create a big end goal to really cement those reading habits. Better yet, set a combined goal that the entire family can work toward. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. If your kids know that reading one book per week through June means an extra-special summer vacation, their enthusiasm won’t wane come spring. Use Reading Apps Goodreads is a social network for bibliophiles. You can find recommendations, share ratings,

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“I came into Elite Physical Therapy in tremendous pain and had difficulty walking more than 10–20 feet due to right hip and leg pain. They found spinal stenosis at three levels of my lumbar spine, along with L5-S1 facet pain. Wesley did a thorough assessment and found the weaknesses that were contributing to my pain. I admit the journey was hard, but with the help of the wonderful staff here, today, after about two months, I am able to function again as a registered nurse, and I’m able to enjoy an active lifestyle at home. I would recommend Elite PT to anyone. They make what seems impossible possible! Thank y’all for the help. I have also been able to lose 48 pounds (much more to go)! But I can and will succeed now, especially with Wesley and his staff’s hard work.” ––_–-Leah Lyn Fitzgerald

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