Jarlin Cabinetry Catalog [WDUSA][2023]


Condition of Sale: • It is the sole responsibility of the customer to review the accuracy of orders by way of order confirmation. Orders will not be processed until confirmation is received. • Drawings ARE NOT CONSIDERED ORDERS. Only the sales order will be recognized as an approved order. • All confirmed orders received by 12:00 PM will ship within two business days (Monday-Friday) unless different date requested. • JARLIN CABINETRY holds no responsibility for assembly or installation errors. Transportation Policy: • If the dealer arranges his own freight the responsibility of JARLIN CABINETRY ceases upon delivery of product in good working order to transport companies and all product(s) are shipped at consignee's risk. Freight Policy: • If an order is shipping via ground at JARLIN CABINETRY' expense JARLIN CABINETRY will pay for standard ground freight only. • If an order is shipping via LTL at JARLIN CABINETRY' expense JARLIN CABINETRY will pay for standard LTL freight only. • If an order contains a chargeable item, the cost of freight will be charged to the customer's invoice. If a customer requests an upgrade to aparcel shipment method, the customer will be charged the entire freight charge. • 48” wide panels cannot be shipped safely via LTL or UPS. If you must have 48” wide panels shipped, JARLIN CABINETRY will only guarantee 42” of width will be good. Up to 6” damage will be considered good. Mandatory Receiving Requirements for LTL or UPS Deliveries Step 1: Check skid and loose piece count on Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt(DR), and match it to the actual amount on pallet and loose pieces on the pallet. Step 2: Visually check pallet or box for damage. IMPORTANT: If the box(es) appear to be damaged, take close-up and wide-angle photographs of the damage. Step 3: YOU MUST note any damage or missing items on the carriers BOL/DR at the time of delivery. Any deliveries accepted and signed by customer without such notes will be considered complete and no claim can be made. Step 4: Check packing slip (located on shrink-wrap of pallet) against the actual items on the pallet. Item numbers are located on the outside of each box. Step 5: Sign the Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt (DR). Keep one copy and save it for future reference, if needed. When you sign, you are accepting that delivery is complete and has no damage unless noted on BOL/DR at the time of delivery. *Make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that lists the items that are damaged or missing. *Pictures of any damaged product and packaging are required. Please submit with claim form to csr@cabinetsbyjarlin.com within 2 business days of delivery • In case of items that need to be returned, please see the Returned Goods Policy. • In case of missing or damaged parts, please see Concealed Missing, Damaged or Defective Parts Policy. Mandatory Receiving Requirements for Warehouse pick-up or delivery: LAST PICK-UP AT 5PM, 1PM Saturday. Step 1 : It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all product(s) to verify all items are present and free of visible damage prior to loading vehicles of unassembled and assembled products. Step 2 : Visually check product for damage. IMPORTANT: If the boxes appear to be damaged, notify the warehouse manager of the damage. Step 3: Check pick-up list against the actual items and quantity prior to loading their vehicles. Item numbers are located on the outside of each box. Step 4 : Customers are responsible for loading their own vehicles. There will be a $40 loading fee if assistance is required. Step 5: If something is incorrect or missing, notify the warehouse manager. Step 6 : Sign the pick-up list. *IF THE PICK UP LIST OR BILL OF LADING IS SIGNED WITH NO NOTES REGARDING DAMAGE OR MISSING ITEMS, NO CLAIM CAN BE MADE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR MISSING ITEMS. • If returning items, please see the “Returned Goods Policy”. • In case of concealed, missing or damaged parts, please see the “Concealed Missing, Damaged or Defective Parts Policy”. Returned Goods Policy: • Before sending any returns you must email our return form to csr@cabinetsbyjarlin.com • No products shall be returned a return authorization has been issued. • JARLIN CABINETRY assumes no responsibility for items returned without proper authorization. • Products must be returned within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. • All boxes containing the returned products must be unopened and undamaged. Under no circumstances can assembled products be returned. • Customers are responsible for all freight and transportation charges associated with returns, and customers will assume all risk of loss and damage until the products are delivered to the Jarlin facility. JARLIN CABINETRY does not pick up returns. • Upon receipt and inspection of the returned products, JARLIN CABINETRY will issue a credit for the invoice amount for qualifying returns and will incur a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee. No credit will be issued for lost or damaged items. • LTL (Common Carrier) returns must be neatly packed on a pallet and well shrink wrapped. Please do not allow any items to extend past the edge of the pallet. When the item(s) are returned we will inspect the pallet. Should we find there are damages that occurred in transit, your refund may take a bit longer until a proper RESOLUTION CAN BE MADE AS TO WHAT WILL BE REFUNDED. • Purchased orders totaling $1,000 or more in product (not including freight or fees) automatically qualify for back ordered item(s) to be shipped at no charge when they become available. If you choose to ship your order incomplete (with backorders) we only allow only one shipment for backordered items once they arrive at no additional cost. • Purchased orders totaling less than $1,000 in product (not including freight or fees) do not qualify for free backorder shipping when the item(s) become available. You will be provided with the option to hold your order to ship complete if you do not want to pay for the backordered item(s) to ship. Customer service will send you an email regarding any backorder questions. Ordering Parts: • When only 1 part is required for a cabinet, the dealer must pay 1/2 the price of your normal full cabinet cost and the part will be pulled and shipped via Fedex/UPS ground. • When 2 or more parts are required, the cabinet is full price and will be shipped as an entire unit with the following exceptions shipped as parts only (not the full cabinet): pantries, oven cabinets as well as vanities 42" wide and larger and drawer base cabinets. • Any cabinet weighing more than 60 lbs must be shipped via LTL Carrier. If you choose to ship via Fedex or UPS ground, you will be responsible for any damages that may occur and we will not be able to replace them for you at no charge. • Parts will be pulled and shipped via ground for drawer base and vanity all drawer cabinets (These full cabinets cannot be ground shipped) • Due to inventory levels at any given time, certain parts for all pantries, oven cabinets as well as vanities 42" wide and larger may not be available. We will need to contact the warehouse to check the availability of parts needed for those sized cabinets. • Parts can only be purchased if they are from a previous sales order only. We do not sell parts if they are not from a previous order


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