Jarlin Cabinetry Catalog [WDUSA][2023]


NOTICE: These are mandatory steps for receiving a shipment from JARLIN CABINETRY

IMPORTANT: NEVER REFUSE A DELIVERY If you refuse a delivery you may be subject to restocking fees, redelivery fees and refund deductions for any potential damages that occur during the return shipment.

Step 1: Check skid and loose piece count on Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt(DR), and match it to the actual amount on pallet and loose pieces on the pallet. Step 2: Visually check pallet or box for damage. IMPORTANT: If the box(es) appear to be damaged, take close-up and wide-angle photographs of the damage. Step 3: YOU MUST note any damage or missing items on the carriers BOL/DR at the time of delivery. Any deliveries accepted and signed by customer without such notes will be considered complete and no claim can be made. For shipments with R&L Carriers, if you have damaged items, please be sure to take multiple pictures of the pallets with the driver in the pictures if possible. R&L no longer lets customers notate the delivery receipt for damages but MUST provide you with an exception number for the damages. You must have this number in order to file a claim with us. If you do not have this exception number, we will NOT be able to file a claim on your behalf. Please be sure you submit all photos and the exception number within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. R&L Carriers only allows us 48 hours to submit the claim from the time your order is delivered. Customer Service must have this information within 24 hours of you receiving the shipment. Step 4: Check packing slip (located on shrink-wrap of pallet) against the actual items on the pallet. Item numbers are located on the outside of each box. Step 5: Sign the Bill of Lading (BOL)/Delivery Receipt (DR). Keep one copy and save it for future reference, if needed. When you sign, you are accepting that delivery is complete and has no damage unless noted on BOL/DR at the time of delivery. *Make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that lists the items that are damaged or missing. *Write the following on the Bill Of Lading (BOL) "Box Damage/product damage) or (Missing items)". *Pictures of any damaged product and packaging are required. Please submit with claim form to csr@cabinetsbyjarlin.com within 2 business days of delivery

• In case of items that need to be returned, please see the Returned Goods Policy. • In case of missing or damaged parts, please see Concealed Missing, Damaged or Defective Parts Policy.

*Pictures of any damaged product and packaging are required. Please submit with claim form to csr@cabinetsbyjarlin.com. Claim forms can be found at: http:// claims.cabinetsbyjarlin.com/

Note: Customer has 15 days to report any concealed (non-obvious) damage. Parts for concealed damages (replacement parts) cannot be provided at no charge if the cabinet has already been assembled. Parts must be requested at the time of inspection, not after the cabinet has been assembled. Concealed and Freight damage warranty claims must be reported within 15 business days of receiving the product. Only 1 replacement claim can be submitted for each order, so please have all of that information on the same request.

We cannot provide freight damage replacement parts at no charge if you do not write “Box Damage/Product Damage” on the BOL/DR. We cannot replace missing items if they are not noted on BOL/DR.

IMPORTANT: The driver cannot leave until you have signed the BOL/DR – take the time and get it right as quickly as possible. If the driver leaves your dock and you have signed the BOL/DR with no additional notes, you are stating that everything on your order is received in full and in good/acceptable condition! Claims made beyond this point will be subject to additional charges. See additional warranty and policy information on page 12 of this catalog.

If the driver should refuse to wait for you to check the packing slip against the delivered items make the following notes on all copies of the bill of lading: "Driver refused to allow the time for me to check to make sure all items were on the pallet(s)"

All 96" long panels are subject to end damage during shipping, therefore we guarantee only 90” inches of usable length on all 96" long panels. 48" wide panels are also subject to edge damage, therefore, we only guarantee up to 42" of usable width on these panels.

Once your order ships, the trucking companies allow a certain number of days for your shipment to be held at their warehouse (usually 3 days) before holding fees start to accrue. You will be emailed after your order ships with the tracking number and carrier information. Please reach out to the carrier as soon as possible to move forward with scheduling your delivery.


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