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Eventually, through interactions with physical therapy during my active lifestyle, I realized I wanted to study the field and learn the mechanics behind how our bodies move. After getting my physical therapy degree at Washington University at St. Louis, I started my career in a neuro rehab, where we treated patients who experienced head injuries and other more severe accidents. We helped patients improve their motor abilities by looking at all levels of their health, neurologically and physically. Working with amputees and patients with brain injuries is an experience that still stays with me. These complex cases allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of our bodies and inspired me to keep helping patients at every stage of health to strengthen the foundations of their physical well-being. My inspiration from horseback riding still stays with me, too — it’s never stopped being a part of my life. Most of my patients know I still ride horses, but they might not know I get to see the other side of equestrianism with my profession. It’s not just the horse that’s the athlete; it’s also the human who tells the horse what to do. If

February tends to make people think of Valentine’s Day and all the romantic packaging attached to it. For me, however, I think about how my daughter Ella turns 14 this month. We’re still in the teenage years. So far, so good! I’m proud of her passion and dedication to volleyball; she shares her progress and what it’s like playing on a team with me. We’re alike in that we've been active our entire lives, and seeing her hard work pay off is inspiring to me. It takes me back to the discipline I practiced as a young athlete and how that foundation set me up for success throughout my life. to compete when you don’t have the most expensive equipment or the prettiest pony, but I found out it wasn’t those aspects that kept me riding. When I was 11, I had a pony — not the fanciest of ponies, but one I liked very much — and we worked really hard, putting our best foot forward in every competition. We did so well that one time, we won the equestrian championship for my division in Connecticut. I started to understand how much a good work ethic can affect your life. I started competitive horseback riding when I was 6. It can be discouraging

Joanna and Maynard

the rider isn’t in shape, there’s only so much their horse can accomplish. Even if I only work with our riders in the clinic, I can tell how successful they are by how hard they work and how much time they put into their own health as well as their horses’. I hope my daughter’s efforts right now will inspire and inform her future career, and I know she'll be surrounded by the support of family and friends along the way. It doesn’t feel that long ago when Adam and I would drive down Hodges Boulevard, and he’d point to our lot and say, “This is where your practice will be.”

I’d tell him, “Right here? There’s nothing here!”

“There’s nothing here yet ,” he’d reply. He was the one who chose our spot.

The things that inspire us don’t always come easy. They can require time and real effort, but it can become the driving force behind everything we do.

-Dr. Joanna Frantz

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