St. Gerard House Strategic Plan 2023 [PUBLIC]

The Strategic Planning Team identified the strategic goals for the organization in key areas. Action Planning Teams in each strategic goal area of the organization were identified and began the development of action plans. Emphasis was placed on creating plans that measure progress and provide a level of accountability throughout the organization. During a series of web meetings, the Strategic Planning Team finalized goals, strategies, and action plans. Goals & Strategies Goal 1 – Organizational Performance We will create a culture of performance improvement to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. 1. Improve the efficiency of internal work processes to increase staff capacity and effectiveness to offer better-coordinated services. 2. Utilize a formalized quality improvement process to achieve measurable clinical outcomes. 3. Improve the client and family experience and address the social determinants of health that may be creating barriers to accessing services. 4. Create an effective risk management program that minimizes risk and increases safety. Goal 2 – Team We will maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment focused on well-trained, engaged staff to support long-term success and growth. 1. Continue to recruit and retain quality staff. 2. Develop an organizational structure and readiness plan that will better support growth while still serving our goals and values. 3. Create succession plans for all positions. 4. Increase development and training opportunities that result in employees being more confident and competent. 5. Refine our recruitment and hiring practices to increase applicant flow and attract exceptional and diverse talent that match the culture of the organization. Goal 3 – Development We will be recognized as the top, quality provider for autism care in the WNC region. 1. Identify strategic partners for collaboration to enhance, strengthen, and expand services. 2. Increase community engagement and awareness by implementing an effective marketing and communications plan. 3. Create a comprehensive fund development plan to encompass balanced program revenue, methods and channels .

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