St. Gerard House Strategic Plan 2023 [PUBLIC]

Goals & Strategies

Goal 4 – Growth & Expansion We will create an intentional plan for expansion and program growth to meet the needs of the WNC autism community. 1. Implement a standardized system for assessing programs for mission-relevance, infrastructure, capacity for growth, and funding. 2. Determine and implement best methods for assessing needs and gaps in service of the autism community. 3. Maintain awareness of other providers of similar services and keep abreast of best practices in the field. 4. Explore strategic partnership opportunities with like-minded organizations. 5. Continue to be active advocates and the voice of those we serve in order to facilitate change in public policy. Goal 5 – Stewardship We will continue to improve our financial position while being good stewards of our resources. 1. Create and regularly update financial policy & procedures to ensure best practices and compliance. 2. Assess information technology systems to improve utilization, achieve efficient operations, and provide data that will aid decision-making. 3. Create a culture of financial responsibility throughout the organization. 4. Develop and implement a standard process for determining financial feasibility of new & current service lines, programs, and sites. Goal 6– Equity We will foster an equitable organization for staff, clients and families through inclusion and empowerment. 1. Demonstrate our commitment to a just and equitable work and learning environment. 2. Ensure that staff and board have an understanding of equity and inclusion through intentional training and development activities. 3. Develop, implement, and nurture diverse governance membership that is reflective of our community.

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