St. Gerard House Strategic Plan 2023 [PUBLIC]

Acceptance & Approval

The plan represents the commitment of the Board to the mission, vision, values, and organizational goals and strategies. The Board recognizes that active governance and oversight are required, and the staff is committed to the plan’s implementation with quarterly tracking and alignment with St. Gerard House’s performance management systems for additional accountability.

The Board of Directors of St. Gerard House has approved the strategic plan .

Our Staff Caroline Long, Executive Director Rachael Cushing Cook, Clinical Director Brad Ward, Director of Finance Bertha Medina, Assistant Director Mary Beth Herman, Director of HR Julia Buchanan, Development Coordinator

Mary Schultz, Chair John Glover, Vice Chair Kelli Spector, Secretary Bill Jansen, Esq., Treasurer Dorsa McGuire, Past Chair Maurean Adams Bob Lange Jerry Lindeman, CPA Dave McFarland Bob Slebonic Our Board of Directors

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