St. Gerard House Strategic Plan 2023 [PUBLIC]

Mission, Vision & Values The Strategic Planning Team reviewed the current Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization and recommended making minor changes to the statements to represent and describe St. Gerard House’s current and future purpose.

Over the years, St. Gerard House has seen an increasing need for our services among individuals affected by autism. In order to more fully meet the needs of our community, we have intentionally broadened our mission and vision to be more inclusive of these individuals and the community. Serving the autism community continues to be at our core and will continue to be our priority in our future.

To help individuals with autism and their families experience more joy and achieve meaningful life outcomes by providing evidence-based therapies, innovative programs and continuous advocacy.



Families and individuals realizing their full potential.


Excellence. We believe that providing high-quality, humble, person-centered services achieves positive outcomes. Collaboration. We believe that the diverse backgrounds and perspectives within our community and team create opportunities to achieve more for our families. Integrity. We believe honest, transparent, and respectful communications are the cornerstones of our organization.

Equity. We believe every human being is important.

Advocacy . We will work to ensure that our families have a voice in all matters that impact their well-being. Stewardship . We will make careful, responsible decisions about the human talent and financial resources that have been entrusted to us. Joy. We believe that every challenge and triumph will be celebrated to reflect the love that God shares with all of us.

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