St. Gerard House Strategic Plan 2023 [PUBLIC]

Our Clients

It is important that any goals and strategies St. Gerard House puts in place will serve to improve the lives of our clients. To gain their input, we invited them to participate in a focus group to

What does St. Gerard House do best? • “They offer services that provide peace of mind. My child is safe there.” • “They treat individuals with autism age appropriately and with respect.” • “They do a great job of providing support for families even if your child is not in their program.” Ways to improve or gaps in services that St. Gerard House might fill: • Occupational therapy • Part-time or only a few days a week to work on specific skills • Occupational readiness, potential partnerships with BRCC • Sports, Yoga, Music & Dancing. --Movement programs • Transportation • In-home services What should be St. Gerard House priorities over the next three years? • Occupational Therapy, new programs. • Outreach. • Volunteer programs. “Alumni can serve as the best advocates for St. Gerard House but I’ve never been asked.” • Diversity initiatives “Representation matters, and it matters most at the top.”

learn what they believe we do best and where we can improve our services.

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