Speakout 2e Intermediate Workbook





1 A Read the information about Shin. Rearrange the letters in italics to complete the sentences. 1 My family is British Chinese so I grew up uginblial, speaking Chinese and English . bilingual 2 Actually, I have a high level of yucenfl in Spanish, too. 3 Of course, many of my friends are British so their rethom goetun is English. 4 However London is very cosmopolitan – it is easy to meet ginerof people here. 5 My best friend Sylvie is from Poland but she sounds like a vetina preeska . 6 Sometimes I teach her glans as she didn’t learn informal words in school. 7 And she teaches me computer gronja – I find it di‰cult but she works in IT! 8 In some ways Sylvie has better gleranin stetsgerai than me. 9 I think her strongest kills is writing – she is amazing. 10 I am quite careless in comparison and my cccaaury can be weak.

2 A Circle the question with the correct form. 1 a) What kind of activity you helps learn new vocabulary? b) What kind of activity helps you learn new vocabulary? 2 a) Which language you wanted to learn when you were younger? b) Which language did you want to learn when you were younger? 3 a) You ever wish you had a dierent mother tongue? b) Do you ever wish you had a dierent mother tongue? 4 a) What type of thing you do read in English? b) What type of thing do you read in English? 5 a) As a child, did you like finding out about dierent countries? b) As a child, did you to like finding out about dierent countries? 6 a) When did you first speak to a foreign person? b) When you first speak to a foreign person? 7 a) If you have to speak in English, what do you always worry? b) If you have to speak in English, what do you always worry about? B Match questions 1–7 in Exercise 2A with answers a)–g). a) Oh, English of course because it is international. 2 b) Yes. I was always interested in dierent cultures. c) Mostly my pronunciation – I don’t feel confident about it. d) I review a few words every day and write example sentences. e) A few years ago on my first trip abroad. f) Not really. But I wish I had learnt English earlier. g) Websites mostly, for online news. And sometimes magazines about films. 1 2 3 4 5 6 B Listen again and repeat, paying attention to the intonation. 3 A 1.1 Listen and write the questions you hear.

B Use the words from Exercise 1A to complete the sentences. You may need to change the form of the word. 1 Bilingualism is an advantage in today’s world. 2 My mother is in several languages – she’s really clever. 3 I wish I could use language more . I make a lot of mistakes. 4 What is your ? You sound German. 5 He always feels like a in his own country because he hasn’t lived there for years. 6 I don’t like ; I prefer it when people use standard English. 7 Do you have good listening ? 8 Dan is a so he checks all the English in the business documents.

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