Speakout 2e Intermediate Workbook



B Read the emails and underline the correct alternatives.

1.2 Listen to three people answering the

questions below. Write their answers. Which language did you learn? How did you learn it? Which? How? Maria Ahmed Jessie B Listen again and answer the questions. 1 Which country outside Europe did Maria visit?

To: psanchez@yoohoo.es Subject: hi! From: danielagjones@hitmail.com 1 Hi Pilar/Dear Madam Pilar ,

2 I am writing to greet you./How are you? As you know, I’m going to stay with you this summer. I 3 have decided to/thought I’d send an email to introduce myself. My name’s Daniela, but my friends call me Danny, and I hope you will, too. I’m eighteen years old and at university here in Manchester, studying Business and Economics. I’ve got lots of hobbies. I love horse-riding, swimming, listening to music, and I also play the flute. My favourite hobby, though, is dancing. I 4 am particularly keen on/really like samba and salsa. I 5 can’t wait to stay/look forward to staying with you in Spain, though my Spanish isn’t very good! 6 Hope/I do hope to hear from you soon. Danny To: membership@taas.com Subject: Introductions From: hatquistj@ltsu.edu 7 Dear members/Hello everybody , 8 I’m writing to say hi/I am writing to introduce myself . As many of you know, I will begin in the role of chairperson of the Teachers’ Association of Amlen State at the end of this month. 9 I would like to take this opportunity/I really want to outline my major plans for the Association over the coming year. I am a maths and physics teacher. I have been in the profession for over forty years in a variety of roles: teacher, administrative assistant, head teacher and school inspector. My first priority is to increase membership. In the last six years we have seen a decrease of almost 30% in our numbers. I have various proposals for achieving this, which 10 I’ll tell you about/I will explain during our first meeting next month. 11 I look forward to working with you all/See you all soon . 12 All the best/Yours sincerely , Jacqueline Hatquist C Read the instructions and write an email (120–150 words). You are going on an adventure trip for students of English. You will join ten other students from all over the world on a one-month tour of India. The tour will include cultural visits and two hours of English lessons every day. Write an email of introduction to the other students.

2 What is her job now?

3 Where did Ahmed move to?

4 How did he communicate to start with?

5 Why does Jessie think British people don’t learn other languages?

6 Which country did she live in for a while?

C Read the extracts from the recording. What do you think the words and phrases in bold mean? Match them with meanings a)–f). 1 … they were really keen for me to learn English … 2 It was a culture shock … 3 … living in Beirut always felt very cosmopolitan . 4 But I did some part-time Dutch lessons … 5 … we aren’t brilliant at learning new languages. 6 I picked it up in my day-to-day life. a) a feeling of confusion when in a new and dierent country

b) extremely intelligent or skilled c) for only part of a day or a week

d) very interested, wanting to do something very much e) to learn informally without lessons by exposure f) having people from dierent parts of the world

WRITING EMAILS OF INTRODUCTION; LEARN TO WRITE FORMAL AND INFORMAL EMAILS 5 A Read the purposes of two emails. Which email needs to be formal? 1 Introduce myself to a member of my host family in Spain before I visit. 2 Introduce myself as the new chairperson of the Teachers’ Association.


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