April Oracle 2021

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AdHoc Facility Master Improvement Planning Committee

Social - Goal One: The Resort will encourage social interaction and friendships among owners by properly providing facilities to support programs that make the Resort a social hub of owner interaction and enjoyment. Recreation - Goal Two: The Resort will provide and promote an active recreation program for owners to make the Resort their recreational hub while residing in the desert. Facility Improvement - Goal Six: The Resort will develop a facility improvement master plan and a recommended prioritization for implementation to provide facilities which achieve the Resort ’ s Mission. The above statements are taken from the refresher strategic plan your board of directors is developing with the assistance of the McMahon Group - McMahon Group – Private Club Planners & Consultants. The committee had it ’ s fourth meeting with the McMahon Group on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Glen Seligman, McMahon Group, walked the committee members through a more refined iteration of the various facility enhancements proposed by the committee members, for both the La Palma and El Saguaro clubhouses. The committee will be meeting one more time in early April to prioritize potential projects and finalize the plan. The McMahon Group and the committee next step will be to present a proposal and plan to the Board of Directors for consideration. If all holds, the next step in the plan will be for the board, the committee and the McMahon Group to develop a presentation for all association members ’ consideration early next season. Don Renoe



APRIL 2021

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