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O ctober will always be a special month for my family and me. Of course, any Northeastern resident knows that autumn is one of the most beautiful times to live in our region. We always enjoy watching the leaves change color and the crisp, cool feeling in the air. But October will always be important for a different reason. October is my birthday month, and I’m lucky to share a birthday month with my son. In fact, we actually share a birth day ! We usually keep the celebrations very low-key. Typically, we spend the evening at dinner and enjoy each other’s company. To this day, it’s a cool link that we share, and every year, I think back on that day, nearly three decades ago, when Nick made me a dad — albeit, a little earlier than expected. Nick was born on October 6, 1991, but that was never the plan. I was married to his mother, my first wife, at the time, and we weren’t anticipating our child to be born for another two months. So, when she went into labor much earlier than she was supposed to that October day, an indescribable feeling of panic washed over us. His arrival into this world was one of the greatest birthday presents I have ever received, but I will never forget the surreal feeling of fear after his birth. (And these were not just first-time parent jitters!) Nick spent the first two months of his life in the hospital as he gained strength and his body learned how to function on its own. It was nerve-wracking for us to watch our child struggle to adapt to the real world after being born two months premature. AN EARLY FIGHT Celebrating a Very Special Birthday This October

Today, Nick and I work alongside each other at Aire Serv of the Mid- Hudson Valley. He enjoys superhero movies just as much as I do, and he’s a hardworking son. It’s so cool to watch the child you raised turn into an adult that you enjoy spending time with, and I will always be proud to be his dad. Our birthdays are a special bond that I appreciate, and to this day, Nick continues to make me proud.

Of course, I always knew how strong he could be. The two months he spent learning how to live in the world when he was first born were proof of that.

Happy birthday, Nick!

–Jim Serra

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