Kenneth Woo DDS - September 2019



Dr. Kenneth Woo, his wife Lisa, and their family were some of the first people my family met when we moved to

America. My grandfather, David Tom, has known Dr. Woo for over 40 years! I was born in China, and my

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family lived there until I was 11 years old. Dr. Woo became like a father figure to me, and my family and I are forever grateful for the Woo family’s support, their friendship, and the opportunities they have afforded us since we made the U.S. our home. On Dec. 7, 1991, I began working for Dr. Woo’s dental practice part time. I was still a student in college, so I would work after my classes. I was actually ushered into this role by my sister, who had previously interviewed for the position. The job wasn’t a good fit for her, but she thought I would be the perfect match, saying, “You’re more of a talker than I am.” (Sometimes sisters just know!) I soon became very comfortable with the practice and the flexibility it gave me. I was still able to continue playing volleyball, enjoy college life, and study without having to worry about job expectations. I worked hard, of course, but when you mesh so easily into a position at a company, it hardly ever feels like work! When I graduated, Dr. Woo offered me a full-time position with the dental practice, and today, I serve as the senior office manager for Woo Wang Dental.

and Cantonese, and I also know Taishanese, which is more of a village dialect. I use these languages frequently at the office and with our Chinese-speaking patients, and while I love the home and family I’ve created here in the U.S., maintaining that connection with my Chinese culture is special to me. I’m incredibly grateful that Dr. Woo took a chance on me. I am honored to represent his practice and glad our bond has only grown stronger. Patients even joke that I’m Dr. Kenneth Woo’s voice! Patients will know that he’s a direct, quiet person, and after nearly 30 years in a professional setting together, I’ve learned a thing or two about what he has to say. The growth his practice has seen in recent years has been very exciting, as well. I know Dr. Edmond Woo and Dr. Hokai Wang want what’s best for the practice Dr. Kenneth Woo has built, and as someone who considers the Woos her family, I am thrilled for the next chapter in their practice. And when I say the Woo family is like my own family, I’m not exaggerating! Our families remain close to this day, and my three boys think of Dr. Kenneth Woo like their grandfather. I’ll forever be grateful for the Woo family. Hopefully, I will remain the voice of Woo Wang Dental.

Even today, my job never feels like work. Each day has its challenges, but I have learned how to adapt to each staff member's and patient's personalities. But I love what I do, and we get to help our patients change their lives and boost their confidence. One of my favorite parts of the job is that I’m able to practice the Chinese I learned as a young child. I speak Mandarin

(I guess my younger sister was right!)

–Donna Tan •

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