Kenneth Woo DDS - September 2019

Keeping the Kids in Tiptop Shape

For National School Backpack Awareness Day

The One-Arm Sling Many students like to wear their packs with only one strap over a shoulder if they’re in a rush. However, this can cause poor posture, pain, or injury, especially if the backpack is too heavy. Using both shoulder straps on the pack helps distribute weight evenly across the back, minimizing potential health problems. Using Shoulder Straps Correctly A backpack that sits too low on a person's back can imbalance someone, forcing them to lean forward or backward to adjust, and cause back pain. Adjust the straps of the pack so it sits at least 2 inches above the hips and just below the shoulders, centered on a person's back. Using a chest and waist strap will also help keep the pack close and secure to your body. These measures don’t only apply to students returning to school. Whether your family is planning a camping trip, hike, or a bike ride, knowing the proper way to wear a backpack will help your family avoid back pain or even injury!

September is the first full month of the new school year for most students, and they’re likely to be armed with all the school

supplies they could ever need! With everything required of them, kids need a way to carry their supplies to and from school. The most common means of transporting supplies is a backpack, and knowing how to

manage a heavy backpack full of school supplies is vital. Sept. 18 is National School Backpack Awareness Day, and it’s the perfect time to take a look at how backpacks can affect a child's physical health.

Far Too Heavy Students have a lot to carry around, and it’s essential to

distribute that weight evenly and not overpack. Heavier items, such as textbooks or binders, should be centered and placed in the bigger back pockets and lighter items stored in the front pockets. According to the Ameritech College of Healthcare, the total weight of the backpack should not be more than 10% of a person's weight.

3 Apps to Keep the Whole Family Organized This School Year DIGITAL ASSISTANCE

School is back in session. While some parents may be overjoyed at the idea of getting their children back into a routine, others may worry about the havoc an onslaught of events, scheduling, work, and chores will wreak on their family. Get organized and stay on top of the family routine with these apps.

that color. Monitor how many practices your little linebacker has this week, and check in on your daughter’s study- group assignments without having to pressure them for answers.


Flashcards are a student staple, and Brainscape is making this technique easier than ever. Brainscape is a flashcard platform that utilizes algorithms developed at Columbia University to optimize a user’s memorization and learning. The app allows users to create their own study materials on flashcards, study using those cards, and utilize ready- made cards right from the app. Practice a few SAT words while waiting for dance practice to start, or master sixth-grade vocabulary as the family drives to a celebratory birthday dinner. The best part about Brainscape is you can use it anywhere you take your phone.


There’s nothing a teenager looks forward to more than the day they get their driver’s license, but you may dread the day they hop behind the wheel. Push those fears aside with the help of Life360. This app gathers family members together in an inner circle. Every user can track each member of their inner circle, monitor the battery life of their phones, and track their driving speeds. Using GPS monitoring and notifications, parents will be notified when their teens arrive at their location. In addition, the app is connected to roadside assistance, so you won’t have to worry about your child getting stranded on the side of the highway.


Your family’s organization technique just got a whole lot cuter. OurHome is an interactive scheduler, task list, chore chart, and calendar rolled into one. Each member of your family is assigned an adorable icon and color, and their activities, to-do lists, and chores will be highlighted in

Don’t fall into a school-year funk. Instead, download these apps to start the year off right!


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