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SL Green Realty Corp.

Loading Dock

One dock located on 54th Street can accommodate delivery vehicles of up to 20 feet. Windows throughout the Building are 3/4’ insulating glass units with an outer pane of solar gray glass and an inner pane of clear glass.


53rd to 54th Streets on the east side of Third Avenue

W indows


Philip Johnson & John Burgee

Year Built


Floor Load

50 lbs psf

Year Renovated



The basic air handling system consists of horizontal draw - through type air handling units with replaceable media filter banks, chilled water cooling coils, air distribution devices and constant air volume (CAV) fan-powered terminal devices. Heating for exterior zones is provided by hot water heating coils mounted in the CAV fan-powered terminal devices. Individual room thermostats - which are located in every CAV zone - control each terminal device. Each office floor is separated into a particular number of air conditioning zones, each served by a separate CAV fan- powered terminal device. The number of temperature zones per floor varies according to floor size; this system has the capability to provide a tenant with additional zones by adding or rearranging the fan-powered devices on that floor. There are 3 Trane Centravac centrifugal refrigeration machines, two 600-ton units and one 300-ton unit provide the air handlers with chilled water. Temperatures and pressures are controlled through the Building Management System (BMS). Condenser water is available at the riser in each air handling unit room for the tenant’s use.

Building Size

635,800 RSF

Air Handling System

Building Height

34 stories

Floor Layout

Modified Side Core


The building’s foundation consists of spread footings on 20-ton rock,poured concrete foundation walls and a structural steel frame with spray on fireproofing per code (non-ACM). The floor slabs are 2 1/2”concrete over 3” Q decking. The building’s exterior is comprised of faceted, alternating horizontal bands of polished and flame finished Imperial Red granite from Sweden, stainless steel and glass. All window framing is off-white aluminum, both internally and externally.



Chilled Water

Floor Plates

Floors 3-9: 25,000 +/- RSF Floors 10-18: 19,000 +/- RSF Floors 19-26: 16,000 +/- RSF Floors 27-34: 14,000 +/- RSF

Slab Height

12’ 2” Slab-to-slab


Installation of new destination dispatch elevator mechanical systems and new elevator cabs is in progress. 4 Low Rise: L - 13 4 Mid Rise: L, 12, 14 - 26 3 High Rise: L, 27 - 34 Freight 1: Lower Levels 1 & 2 and 3 - 34 Freight 2: Lower Levels 1, Loading Dock, 2

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