885 Third Ave Tourbook



AIR • HVAC systems are equipped with MERV-13 media filters that capture airborne particles, exceeding the requirements of New York City’s Energy Code. • Mechanical systems increase the supply of outdoor air and continuously cycle fresh, filtered air throughout the building. • Base building air quality is assured by WellStat, a monitoring system that provides real-time air quality levels that measure indicators including carbon dioxide, particulate matter, VOCs, temperature, humidity, and more.

• Building staff are required to use low VOC emitting products including solvents, carpets, adhesives, paints, and coatings to maintain optimal indoor air quality.

BUILDING HEALTH & SAFETY • 885 Third Avenue is WELL Health-Safety Rated, under an evidence-based, third-party verification of the effectiveness of our operational and maintenance protocols. • Janitorial staff conduct high frequency cleaning and sanitization using green cleaning products. • Construction materials used at 885 Third Avenue are LEED-compliant, recycled, responsibly sourced, and non-toxic. • SL Green provides training on emergency preparedness and workplace safety to building occupants and coordinates response drills quarterly. ENERGY • 885 Third Avenue is equipped with automated control systems. • LED lighting systems are installed throughout building common areas to increase energy efficiency. • SL Green’s Engineering team uses a real-time energy management platform (iES EnergyDesk) to monitor energy use in 15-minute intervals and respond to building conditions promptly. • SL Green invests in capital upgrades and commissions building systems to ensure they are maximining performance. RECYCLING • 885 Third Avenue deploys a color-coordinated recycling procedure to minimize waste sent to landfills. • We conduct annual waste audits to identify areas for waste diversion improvement and develop corrective action plans. • We offer free recycling training sessions to tenants. • Janitorial staff uses double-barrel waste bins to ensure waste streams remain separated and are trained annually to maintain recycling best practices. • We offer complimentary e-waste pick-up to tenants to ensure materials are properly recycled. WATER • Existing toilets, urinals, faucets, and showers have been upgraded with low-flow fixtures, performing 20% above code requirements for water conservation. • Building engineers review water logs daily to compare trends and identify potential water loss. • SL Green disinfects cooling towers twice a year and conducts testing for legionella bacteria every 90 days.

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