King's Business - 1933-10

N O W R E A D Y / 1934 Scripture Text Calendar

Th e I D E A L H om e C a l e n d a r This Scripture Text Calendar on the wall helps to bring into the home that something so essen­ tial and yet so easily forgotten, in these days of rush and struggle for the necessities of physical existence. The beautiful religious pictures by fa­ mous artists leave their impression for right and the scripture verses speak daily of the higher, better and truly essential things in life. It is the Ideal Home Calendar. SPECIAL OFFER to Churches, Societies and Agents Messenger Scripture Text Calendars are nationally adver­ tised so have a ready market. Over a million copies were sold last year. Each former user is a satisfied customer and a good prospect for one or more new ones. Every Scripture Text Calendar placed in a home is a good deed as it helps to make that home a more desir­ able place in which to live. Complete Selling Instructions Furnished Complete sales plans accompany each order of 100 or more calendars and are a great help to individual agents as Well as Ladies Aids, Sunday School Classes, Missionary and Young Peoples Societies. This is an approved method of raising funds for special purposes and the margin of profit is unusually large. An early start brings best results Order at least one or more copies,today for your home and remember a Scripture Text Calendar is the ideal gift costing no more than a high quality Christmas Card. Prices— Single copy, 30c; 4, $1.00; 12, $3.00; 25, $5.75; 50, $9.00 All prices slightly higher in Canada Cost Sell For Profit 100 calendars......... .........$17.00 $30.00 $13.00 200 calendars......... ......... 32.00 60.00 28.00 250 calendars......... ......... 40.00 75.00 35.00 300 calendars......... ......... 45.00 90.00 45.00 — better place your order today. Suitable Christmas Gift Se ll Sc r ip ture Text Ca lendars

Size of Calendar

x 15 94 inches

S p e c i a l H om e I n t e r e s t F e a t u r e s Foreign language editions printed in German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian and Spanish contain all the special features of the English edition. 1. Three-month-on-a-sheet calendar pads— current month in large type, preceding and month fol­ lowing in smaller type. Very convenient. 2. Thirteen beautiful full color reproductions of reli­ gious pictures. Suitable for framing. 3. A scripture verse for every day of the year. 4. Illuminating story of each picture. * 5. Church and patriotic holidays noted. 6. Illustrated “ Go To Church Sunday” sign on nearly every sheet. 7. Schedule showing how to read the Bible through in a year. 8. Flowers and Birthstones of each month. 9. Golden texts for International Sunday School Lessons. 10. Sunday School Lesson text and Devotional Read­ ing for International Sunday School Lessons.

11. Phases of the moon illustrated. 12. Weekly “ Prayer Meeting” text. M E S S E N G E R C O R P O R A T I O N . Auburn, Indiana MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY G e n tlem e n :—-K in d ly ship at on ce-----------¿ .«M e s s e n g e r S cripture T e x t C alen dars fo r 1934. E n closed please fin d rem ittance in the sum o f $>_...____ Ship to:— ...----------_________________•_______ i l l f c - i - ^ ^ B - A d d n ss ^ „________B ■__ ■ S ___ „ j S ____________I W I City„._____..___.._._______.__.__.____.-------- ------------- - J M g L - -___-______ State.._________ ' __ .__ __________ ' C h u rch O fficer______ ......jB w a j v - _________ j a p j j H r a : '-i•" IMPORTANT: If you do not have a charge account with us at present— send cash with order or if you desire 30 days’ credit, send three business references. Calendars not returnable.

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