Board Converting News, January 17, 2022

RUSKEN PACKAGING, INC. Cullman, Alabama: Randy Whiteaker reports, “The year 2021 has been a year of consistent adaptations for the Converter Outlook, Part 2 (CONT’D FROM PAGE 18)

cilities at both its Cullman, Alabama, headquarters and in Clarksville, Tennessee, to further serve these major markets. These expansions include added floor space, machine additions, and operational efficiencies. As re- cord-high demands have continued, increasing operation- al capacity remains a high priority. Opportunities for SKU rationalization and design optimization have also been ever-present in the industry to maintain strong customer relations and offset increases. “Rusken’s growth strategy was reinforced through the acquisition of Nelson Packaging, located in Cowpens, South Carolina, just outside of Spartanburg, in the recent months. This acquisition is part of a strategic focus to ex- pand Rusken’s footprint throughout the Southeast United States, increasing existing capabilities and customer base in North and South Carolina. Privately-owned, Nelson Packaging has been operating since 1982 with a wide ar- ray of corrugated manufacturing, corrugated pallets, and inner packaging capabilities with a strong regional cus- tomer base. The Rusken team is thrilled to partner with the Nelson Packaging organization, optimally aligning with its customer-centric approach and culture. “While outside investments have remained a priority to Rusken, it has also been essential to look inward with a continual improvement mindset. The inaugural Rusken1 annual internal audit program kicked off in 2021 across Rusken’s footprint. With all Rusken manufacturing facili-

corrugated industry as a whole. While some aspects of daily life have returned to quasi-normal, at times, there are certainly lin- gering effects from the COVID-19 pandemic that remain heading into the new year. Rising cost of commodities, constrained supply chains, labor shortages, and ex-

Randy Whiteaker

tended lead times are all still real challenges. Corrugated manufacturers have been forced to maintain fluidity, inno- vation, and determination in order to meet the ever-con- sistent increase in box demands. “While many of these inflationary increases have been offset by multiple price increases for containerboard over the past year, it remains essential to maintain an efficient and innovative operational approach to meet demands and provide value to customers. To combat these chal- lenges, Rusken Packaging, Inc. (“Rusken”) has remained steadfast in its investments to enhance operational capa- bilities across its footprint to better serve customers and partners. “Rusken has taken significant steps to expand its fa-



January 17, 2022

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