"Will my other faculty find out about a charge of academic misconduct?" A student’s disciplinary record is a confidential file. The outcome of your academic misconduct hearing is shared with those who are need to know, including the reporting faculty member, but is not shared with other faculty members. "I’ve been charged with a level 2 violation. Will I be dismissed from Iowa State?” Iowa State has two charge levels for violations of the disciplinary violations: level 1 and level 2. Level 2 violations cannot result in suspension or expulsion from the institution. Students are typically charged with a level 2 violation for first time offenses of the academic misconduct policy, however, could be charged with a level 1 violation if the misconduct is severe. “Will this affect my ability to get a job after college?” In most cases, employers are not going to ask about disciplinary regulation violations that occurred while in college. Most employers are concentrated on criminal, employment, and/or credit background checks. Students applying to work for a government agency that requires security clearance may be asked about disciplinary regulation violations. We always encourage students to be honest on their application as the employers might obtain a release from you to view your file.

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This training tool was adapted from training materials available through Oklahoma University.

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