Waldegrave School Spring Magazine 2023

“What made me join the book club originally was the potential it held. While I used to absolutely adore reading, since lockdown I’d started to really struggle both to enjoy, and even just finish, books. Book club offered reading recommendations, companionship in the reading process, and the opportunity to express my ideas. I’ve always loved analysing and discussing books in English lessons, so book club seemed like the perfect way to extend this. And it was. I have loved being in this club, so much so that it is part of the reason I’m now planning to do English Literature A Level.” ~ Coro B 11 PMU

“I like that in the book club we can have open discussions about how we felt about the book and listen to other people’s perspectives. It made me enjoy reading the book more because I felt I could see the characters differently each time and it really helped me read to a certain level of depth that I couldn’t read on my own. It was nice to also be around and talk to people that were as invested in the book as you were and the discussions were relaxed but also very interesting and definitely a highlight of my week!” ~Sara F L-J 11 EGH

“Reading in the book club allows me to talk about and debate the book with other people who are reading it, so I can grasp different layers and parts I may have missed, allowing me to enjoy it more. From the book club, I have also developed the skill of analysing a book from different perspectives. Our book, ‘Home Fire’ was very good and I enjoyed how at every point the author managed to keep you on your toes, never quite knowing what was going to happen. I also enjoyed how it was never obvious who the main character was. Overall my favourite thing about book club is being able to engage with others who enjoy reading just as much as me.” ~Emma H 11 PTR

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