Waldegrave School Spring Magazine 2023

What made you want to take Food and Nutrition as a GCSE? “I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, so the practical element of cooking dishes we choose was very inviting. Food Science, experimenting ratios and learning what gets a cake to bake has always piqued my interest. Since Food and Nutrition GCSE seamlessly combines those elements I knew this was the right subject for me.”

What inspired you during your time completing the course? “Baking and cooking on social media as well as my natural fascination with cooking inspired me to pick a myriad of different dishes to make for this task.”

Did you face any challenges along the way and how did you overcome them? “Timing was one of the challenges I needed to tackle during my NEA. To face this challenge, I had to get to school early and create my initial dough then, allowing it to proof in the fridge during the school day.”

What made you proud of your achievement and would you do anything differently next time? “The flavour of my dish as well as stretching myself with different skills, like rough puff pastry was rewarding especially when you see a golden pastry with small flakes! If I were to do anything differently I may try to use more interesting flavours and fillings for some of my dishes.”

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