Waldegrave School Spring Magazine 2023

The morning of Y7 Drop Down Day had a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) focus in order to empower our students to foster an interest in engineering, inventing and entrepreneurship in the future. We were very lucky to hear from guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds and several organisations with careers including corrosive material engineers, those working on safety features of oil rigs, those working for the National Grid, for Amazon and the inventor of the mouldable glue ‘Sugru’ amongst others. Challenging stereotypes, the vast majority of those speaking on the day were female and provided excellent role models to our students to show the array of potential careers available to them in the future. The students also completed related activities: in the morning they told the story of an invention using their chromebooks and a web-based animation tool, and then worked in teams to build structures out of spaghetti in the marshmallow challenge. In the afternoon the students took part in an excellent and inspiring presentation from the organisation 'Find Your Brave'.

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