Waldegrave School Spring Magazine 2023

On Drop Down Day, Year 8 created campaigns and presentations as they focused on Democracy for the day. Their day started with a question time activity. The panel included Munira Wilson, our local MP, Lorain Monk, a local political leader, Matt Houlihan who has worked with the government as a strategist, Barry Neville, a lobbyist and Jim Pickard, chief political analyst at the Financial Times. The students really enjoyed listening to all the speakers and had the opportunity to ask them questions directly. In the second session students were then split into small groups where they were tasked with creating their own campaign for implementing a new policy for schools. Everyone came up with fantastic ideas, from tackling racism within school to ‘should mufti days become more frequent?’. After lunch, students pitched their ideas to their tutor group and nominated one team to present to the whole year group in the sports hall. This allowed the students to develop their team working and public speaking skills, preparing them well for their own future careers. The day was very informative and fun for all, and we are so proud of how well everyone worked together!

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