Waldegrave School Spring Magazine 2023

MATILDA AT THE CAMBRIDGE THEATRE Year 11 Drama GCSE students were taken on a trip to central London for an evening performance of Matilda in the West End.

“The musical was fantastic and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will be using this production to analyse and evaluate in Drama lessons, getting ready for our written exam in the summer. We were also interested to learn that a former student of Waldegrave was working backstage on ‘Automations’. We are looking forward to a talk with Hannah in the coming months about her career.”

~Freya, Performing Arts Prefect

NOUGHTS AND CROSSES AT THE ROSE THEATRE Year 8 students were taken on a trip to visit The Rose Theatre in Kingston to watch the production of Noughts and Crosses. Ava S, Isla R, Meg C, Flo S and Darcey O, all from 8EJO, collectively commented on their thoughts of the experience:

“We liked the way the play was so true to the book. They used a range of drama strategies such as direct address, thoughts aloud and crosscutting. It was inspirational as they were serious about standing up for their rights.”

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