Waldegrave School Spring Magazine 2023


A Level Drama and English students were lucky enough to visit the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith to see Frantic Assembly’s unique interpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello. We all thoroughly enjoyed this energetic production directed by Scott Graham of Frantic Assembly. This experience will really help when we come to analyse and evaluate the production for our written exam. “The company had chosen to set the play in a modern pub setting and throwback nineties outfits and depicted the play's original themes whilst exploring classist issues in urbanised areas. I think it’s fair to say we all had mixed reactions to the altered ending due to its morbidly modern twist and the feminist messages shown through the unexpected support Bianca shows towards Emilia. The use of music, lighting and props were well chosen and all added to depicting the themes of Shakespeare’s tragedy and with the combination of comedic undertones and addressing serious and topical issues, the company managed to revive the classic play and successfully engage a modern audience. The trip was incredibly helpful for aiding the students’ revision and it was really interesting to see the play performed as we had all just finished reading the play, so overall, was a great time!” ~Leah A , A Level English student

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