Waldegrave School Spring Magazine 2023



Our Geography department took 37 Year 13 Geographers to Juniper Hall in Dorking on a four day residential as part of their assessment component of their A Level. This was the first residential trip since lockdown and students are to be commended for their super attitudes across the week, where resilience was tested on many days where we were working outside in some challenging conditions.

On arrival pupils were thrust straight into the data collection and began measuring infiltration rates in different locations of the field centre. This involved some manual labour in hammering in pipes into well frozen ground at times! In addition, they were then able to use the mini floodplain units outside to test what conditions led to the highest rates of surface runoff. Returning to the classroom after dinner, pupils drew conclusions from their findings that evening, and were able to critically evaluate the methods used outdoors that day. On Wednesday, we used similar techniques to further investigate the impact of prolonged rainfall in the Surrey Hills. We were lucky to catch a lovely sunny part of the day atop Lodge Hill to do some field sketches of our sample sites. Further analysis followed after dinner, and pupils closed their books on the Physical Geography aspect to the trip.

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