Wake Without An Ache

Elite Physical Therapy Relieves Sciatica Is B d Rest Good For Your Back P in? Bed rest and inactivity are known to weaken muscles and bones. Exercise increases strength and flexibility of the muscles. It also aides in healing, by increasing blood flow to the painful area. When treating back pain, Elite Physical Therapists put a plan together to ease you back to doing pain-free activities while protecting your spine. Through a thorough evaluation, we can determine the source of your pain and work with your physician to alleviate your back pain quickly.

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to Elite Physical Therapy instead of lying in bed at home we will help relieve your pain faster, and return you to the activities you love quickly. Success is built on quick results and empowering you with the knowledge to prevent future back injuries. If your back is achy or painful, call us today to learn more about how you can return to a pain-free, active and healthy lifestyle.

a treatment focus on a variety of gentle, safe manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage and mobilization to relieve muscular spasms and pain, manual stretching and manipulation to restore mobility and range of motion, and postural realignment. In addition, we know the importance of strengthening and training your core muscles to build long-term spinal stability. By coming


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