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“Although the initial pain is peripheral, we’ve discovered that some patients also experience heightened centralized pain that results from the constant barrage of painful inputs,” notes Dr. Bolash. “It has been demonstrated that patients who have high pain intensity before knee replacement and low pain thresholds are more likely to report constant, ongoing pain after knee replacement.” This suggests an opportunity to address centralized pain by using a comprehensive treatment strategy that not only targets the peripheral inflammation but also the central sensitization. So, if you’ve lived for years with spine pain, knee pain, headaches, arthritic pain, or persistent pain after a successful surgery, see a holistic pain specialist. You may need help for centralized pain. “It’s often the missing piece,” says Dr. Bolash. Visit our website, and click the “A missing ingredient for lasting pain relief” tab to learn more and watch a video of how this works. Make sure to visit the “biofeedback and neurofeedback” link as well. The great thing about practicing regenerative medicine is that we recognize the body’s inborn ability to heal and repair. We work with nature by removing interferences and giving the body the necessary building blocks to heal. • VAX-D helps degenerated, dried out, bulging, or herniated discs restore their normal pumping action to restore fluid and other nutrients back into the discs, allowing them to heal. • PEMF and low-level laser therapy help cell and nerve tissue soothe and heal. • Neurofeedback and other therapies directly target and improve brain and spinal cord function. There is nothing your brain doesn’t impact, and improving it benefits your whole life: your pain, your ability to heal, your intelligence, your emotions, and your quality of life. This helps pain, ADHD, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and many other conditions because our brain is involved in every facet of our well-being. • Stem cells help cells and tissue heal, repair, and regenerate.

Hello! We are so excited to write to you and your family again. We have so much to share, and it’s hard to believe the year has gone by so quickly. So let’s get right into centralized pain management with some information from the Cleveland Clinic. Imagine that your painful knee arthritis (or back pain or neuropathy) has hobbled you. Then, you had a knee replacement (or back surgery or prescription pills or chiropractic care). Why are you still in pain? Blame it on your brain. “Your brain gets used to prolonged exposure to pain signals and adjusts to them,” explains pain management specialist Robert Bolash, MD. “It’s like adjusting to the weather when you move from Ohio to Florida,” he says. “When you first arrive, you’re hit by the heat and humidity. But over a long period of time, your body acclimates, and you can enjoy the weather.” In contrast, when your brain gets used to pain signals — a problem called central sensitization — you gain little benefit from it. 2 TYPES OF PAIN Peripheral pain is the sharp or aching pain you feel locally, like when bone rubs against bone in your knee. But what if the pain still persists after the local tissues have healed? Centralized pain is a more complicated type of pain facilitated by the brain and spinal cord. “We’re realizing more and more that addressing only peripheral pain is not enough for patients who also have centralized pain,” says Dr. Bolash. Traditionally, doctors thought centralized pain only occurred with nerve injuries like a spinal cord injury or stroke. “But the more we learn about centralized pain, the more we see it with other conditions,” says Dr. Bolash. These other conditions include arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic lower back pain, neck pain or whiplash, chronic headaches, chronic pelvic pain due to endometriosis, persistent pain after surgery, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other chronic pain conditions.

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