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2017-2018 Catalog of Courses

Student Success and Support Program

7. Completing courses and maintain progress toward an education goal and completing a course of study.

STEP Program There are six important steps to take before beginning course work at Monterey Peninsula College: • Admission • Financial Aid (Optional) • Orientation (online or in person) • Assessment • Counseling/Advisement (student education plan) • Registration The completion of these steps will expedite the enrollment process and greatly enhance chances for educational success. The College encourages all NEW students to participate in the STEP Program. STEP TWO – Financial Aid (optional): To learn more about the many different kinds of financial assistance that are available and how to apply, see pages 18-19, visit the Student Financial Services webpage at or visit Student Financial Services in the Student Services Building. STEP THREE – Orientation: Register for the course PERS 10 Orientation to College to receive information about educational programs, policies, and procedures of the College and the development of a Student Education Plan. New transfer students who have completed orientation at another college should file the Orientation Verification Form with the Counseling Department. This form is available from the Counseling Department or on our website at If orientation was not completed at another college, you can complete the online orientation available at STEP FOUR – Assessment: All new matriculated students are required to participate in assessment. Students planning to take an English or math class (or a course with an English or Math prerequisite) must have their skills assessed for placement. Assessment sessions are offered many times throughout the year and can take up to three hours to complete. The dates and times of these sessions can be viewed at Assessments are available on a walk-in basis. Please check the assessment website at for available dates. Please call (831) 646-4027 with any questions. If a student has been exempt from taking assessments because of test scores or completion of prerequisite courses, the student must provide the Counseling Department with the score reports or transcripts. Students with disabilities needing special accommodations for an assessment should contact the Access Resource Center to make arrangements. Telephone (831) 646-4070. TTY users may use 711 Relay Services. The English Placement Test (EPT) is designed for native speakers of English. Students who speak English as a second language should take the ESL Placement Test (ESLPT) in order to be advised accurately. The ESLPT is offered throughout the year and takes about three hours to complete. The dates and times for these sessions can be viewed at STEP ONE – Admission: Submit the Application for Admission and have transcripts mailed to the Admissions and Records Office.

Senate Bill 1456 revised and renamed the Matriculation Act of 1986 as the Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012. The new legislation referred to as the Student Success and Support Program began on January 1, 2013 and will be implemented through stages over a five-year period. The Student Success and Support Program supports the transition of matriculated (non-exempt) new students into the college by providing them with required services in assessment, orientation, counseling/ education planning, and follow-up. Students must complete assessment, orientation an education plan prior to their priority registration time. College Responsibilities Include: 1. Providing clear policies reflecting Student’s Rights and Responsibilities and other Student Success and Support Program policies. 2. Providing an admissions and records process that will enable the College to collect state-required information that will be used as a basis for providing services for students. 3. Providing an assessment process using multiple measures to determine academic readiness in English, reading, and math. These assessment results will be used by the College to assist students in the selection of academic courses. Additional assessments are available in areas of study/learning skills and career technical interests. 4. Providing an orientation process designed to acquaint students with College programs and services, facilities and grounds, academic expectations, and College policies and procedures. 5. Providing counseling services to assist students in course selection, development of a student education plan, and use of campus support services. Additional advisement and counseling assistance will be provided for students who have not declared educational goals, are enrolled in basic skills courses, are on academic probation/dismissal, or have been identified as high-risk students.

6. Providing the development of a comprehensive Student Education Plan once the student has identified a course of study.

7. Establishing a process to monitor students’ progress and provide the necessary assistance toward meeting their educational goals.

Student Responsibilities Include: 1. Submitting official transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended.

2. Acquiring and reading the College catalog, Schedule of Classes, handouts, and other student materials which detail College policies and procedures.

3. Identifying an education and career goal upon admission.

4. Declaring a specific educational goal after completing a minimum of 15 units.

5. Participating in assessment, orientation, counseling/education planning and other follow-up services required by the Student Success and Support Program.

6. Diligently engaging in course activities and complete assigned coursework.


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