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2017-2018 Catalog of Courses

Registration Class Schedule

Prerequisites and Corequisites Challenges Some courses require students to meet certain conditions in order to register. A ‘prerequisite’ is a requirement that must be met before registering for a course. A ‘corequisite’ is a requirement that a student must enroll in simultaneously with another course. A student may challenge a prerequisite by following the Prerequisite/ Corequisite Challenge Procedures described below. NOTE: Challenge paperwork must be filed by the last day of regular late registration.

Each semester/session the College prepares a Schedule of Classes, available on the MPC website, which provides course offerings and descriptions. Registration dates and procedures, fees, and other information may also be found on the MPC website. Procedures Monterey Peninsula College students must use WebReg to register. All students must pay all past debts before registering. Monterey Peninsula College has adopted a priority registration system for students to register. See the website for registration dates and times. A student may not register for more than one class having the same course number which meets at different times, places or days during a given semester or session. Registration Changes: Adding and Dropping Classes Add: Generally, a change which involves the addition of a course to a student’s initial class schedule is considered an add. The exact dates during which a class may be added are available on the College website. Drop: Students are responsible for dropping themselves from a class and must not expect faculty to initiate withdrawal procedures for them. Students may withdraw from semester-length courses through the last day of the 14th week of instruction or 75% of a semester-length class, whichever is less (or 60% of short-term classes). To officially withdraw from a course within the specified deadline, an eligible student may drop by logging onto WebReg from the College website ( For assistance with WebReg, please visit Admissions and Records. Prerequisite Verification The College has mandatory prerequisite verification. If a prerequisite course was completed at another institution, the Prerequisite Verification Form, with required documentation, must be completed and submitted to the Counseling Department in the Student Services Building. If a prerequisite course is in progress at another institution, it cannot be used for prerequisite verification until a final grade is earned. If the prerequisite course was completed at MPC before Fall 1995, complete the Prerequisite Verification Form and submit it to the Counseling Department who will check your MPC record. If the prerequisite course was completed at MPC in Fall 1995 or after, verification is not required. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are officially registered for the correct courses. Students should always make and keep a copy of any completed transaction for their own records.

1. Pick up a Prerequisite Challenge Form from the Division Office responsible for the course you wish to challenge.

2. Complete the form by identifying one or more of the following reasons for seeking a challenge:

a. The prerequisite or corequisite is not reasonably available;

b. The student believes the prerequisite was established in violation of regulations or in violation of the District-approved processes;

c. The student believes the prerequisite or corequisite is either unlawfully discriminatory or is being applied in an unlawfully discriminatory manner; d. The student has the documented knowledge or ability to succeed in the course without meeting the prerequisite or corequisite. (NOTE: Attach documentation to the prerequisite form for the department to review.)

3. File the completed Prerequisite Challenge Form with the Division.

4. Take the Counseling Copy of the Challenge Form to the Counseling Department in the Student Services Building for prerequisite clearance.

5. Enroll in the course which required the prerequisite challenge.

6. Department review must take no longer than five working days. Check with department’s schedule for review of challenges.

7. A copy of the Prerequisite Challenge Form will be forwarded by the department/division to the Dean of Student Services office indicating that the challenge was approved or denied. If the challenge is denied, the student will be dropped from the course.


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