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2017-2018 Catalog of Courses

Academic Policies Auditing

Grading The following symbols are used to record student progress:

Symbol Evaluative A


District policy prohibits the auditing of courses. Students must enroll in each course, and classes cannot overlap in time; students may enroll in only one course in a scheduled time period. Course Repetition and Withdrawal Changes Effective Summer 2012, Monterey Peninsula College implemented new limitations regarding course repetitions and withdrawals in a single course. These changes were mandated by the Board of Governor’s Title 5 regulations. Students repeating a course in which they previously received a substandard grade of D, F, NC, NP, and/or a non-evaluative symbol of W (Withdrawal) may be limited to a total of three enrollments. Students are advised to carefully choose their courses each term to ensure successful completion. This new regulation is retroactive to Fall 1995. Therefore, some students may find that they have already exhausted the repeat and withdrawal limitation of three enrollments. Students should click on “View Grades” on WebReg to review their current unofficial transcript in an effort to determine how they may be affected by this new policy. Contact the Admissions and Records Office at (831) 646-4002 if you have further questions. You may also speak with a counselor. Course Repetition A student may repeat a course only under the following conditions: 1. the student’s prior evaluative grade in the course is a “D,” “F,” “NC,” or “NP,” or the student withdrew from the course and received a “W”; after the second attempt and received D, F, NC, or NP, the student will be required to petition the Academic Council for a third and fourth final attempt; or





Passing, less than satisfactory


Pass (at least satisfactory [“C” or better]) No Pass (less than satisfactory [“D” or “F”])


Non-evaluative I

Incomplete In Progress



Military Withdrawal


Report Delayed



Expanded Definitions: Pass (P)

A “P” grade indicates completion of work with a grade of “C” or better. “P” does not affect a student’s grade point average. A maximum of 20 units of “P” may be applied towards the associate degree. Departments may require majors to obtain letter grades in all courses specifically required for that major, provided the letter grade option exists. No Pass (NP) A “NP” grade indicates completion of work with a grade of “D” or “F.” “NP” does not affect a student’s grade point average. However, the course in which an “NP” grade is earned will not apply towards graduation, and the grade shall be considered in probation and dismissal procedures. Incomplete (I) An Incomplete (“I”) grade may be assigned by an instructor only when a student has failed to complete course work at the end of the semester or session for unforeseeable, emergency, and justifiable reasons. MPC defines the end of the semester as being after the last date to drop with a “W” grade. The condition for removal of the “I” will be stated on a written form by the instructor and signed by both the student and the instructor. The grade to be assigned, if the conditions are not met, also must be indicated and will be changed on the student’s record if the work is not completed within one year. A copy of the form must be given to the student by the instructor with the original on file at the Admissions and Records Office. The incomplete form must be received in Admissions and Records no later than two weeks after the end of the course. A final grade may be assigned by the instructor within one year when the work stipulated has been completed and evaluated. A Change of Grade Form must be submitted by the instructor to the Admissions and Records Office. Students must complete the coursework within one year and may not register for the course in order to make up the incomplete work. The “I” grade is not used in calculating a grade point average but is used as a factor in determining progress probation and progress dismissal status.

2. the College catalog designates the course as repeatable and the number of times it may be repeated; or

3. the student receives prior written permission from the Academic Council when the student can demonstrate that the course must be repeated in order to make progress toward employment and certification.

4. Cooperative Work Experience, intercollegiate athletics, and DSPS (Disability Support Programs and Services) courses may require a petition.


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