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2017-2018 Catalog of Courses

College Services Access Resource Center

Admissions and Records Office Student academic records are maintained by the Admissions and Records Office located in the Student Services Building. Registration for classes, adding or dropping of classes, issuing of transcripts, refund requests, graduation petitions, Academic Council petitions, transcript evaluation, and corrections to permanent records are handled through this office. Telephone (831) 646-4002 or visit the Admissions and Records portion of the MPC website for information. CalWORKs Monterey Peninsula College CalWORKs Program, in collaboration with Monterey County Department of Social Services, assists eligible students with their CalWORKs requirements while they reach their educational and career technical goals. MPC CalWORKs assists students with enrollment and orientation to college and helps students meet their work requirements through work study awards and classroom hours. Students also receive advisement, counseling and referrals to other campus services as well as other community-based services and programs. Eligible students participating in the MPC CalWORKs Program receive support and assistance with childcare, book vouchers, work study, advocacy and educational workshops. For information about CalWORKS services, please call (831) 645-1399. CARE CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education), a collaboration between Monterey Peninsula College Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) and the Monterey County Department of Social Services (MCDSS), is a program designed to assist single parent students who are receiving cash aid to succeed in college. Participants must have at least one child under the age of 14. To be eligible for CARE, students must first be eligible for EOPS and then meet further criteria. In addition to benefits and services provided to EOPS students, eligible CARE participants take part in the CARE Meal Plan, network with other single parents, and participate in CARE workshops, social events, and other activities. For information, call EOPS or the CARE Coordinator at (831) 646-4247 or visit the EOPS/ CARE office in the Student Services Building. Career Services Monterey Peninsula College offers a wide range of services to address students’ career needs. Whether students are considering a career change or exploring the world of work for the first time, MPC guides them through the process of career/life planning. Career Counseling Successful completion of PERS 71 is required prior to individualized career counseling. Students who are either undecided or who wish to validate a choice of major meet with a career counselor to discuss specific needs and to outline a strategy to assist them in meeting their career development goals. Targeted modules in this process may include career assessments, career exploration, decision making/goal setting, and/or job search strategies. Please call the Counseling Department at (831) 646-4020 to schedule an appointment. Career & Transfer Resource Center The Career & Transfer Resource Center offers career and transfer resources, workshops, guidance and referral. The CTRC Coordinator provides information on career exploration and choosing colleges. Services include a resource library of college and university catalogs, directories and career-specific books. Visitors may use college files, EUREKA (computerized software to research schools, majors and occupations) and access the Internet. Computers, printers, and phone are available to use for career or transfer purposes. See pages 63-68 for an explanation of the entire transfer process.

Monterey Peninsula College provides equal opportunities and access to students with disabilities. The Access Resource Center offers services and education assistance classes for students with disabilities based upon educational limitations. To support students with disabilities, the faculty and staff provide a variety of academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, services, and instruction which can include: •Learning disability assessment (C.C.C. eligibility model)

•Assistive Technology access or loan •Classroom testing accommodations •In-class notetakers •Sign Language Interpreters •Liaison with campus programs and/or community agencies •Readers and scribes •Registration assistance

•Specialized academic advising •Disability-related counseling •Priority Registration

A number of education assistance classes are offered each semester. The faculty have a wide variety of expertise in disability-related fields and offer a diverse curriculum that supports students with disabilities the opportunity to fully access college courses. Examples of the classes which may be offered include: •Adapted Physical Education •Assistive Technology Applications •Assistive Technology Projects

•Auditory Processing Strategies Lab •Introductory Computer Skills Lab •Learning Skills Assessment •Self-advocacy Strategies Lab •Thinking and Reasoning Skills

•Writing Skills Development •Reading Skills Development

In order to participate in this program, students with disabilities who attend Monterey Peninsula College must complete an Application for Services in the Access Resource Center; submit a professional verification of their disability or arrange for a Learning Skills Assessment, where indicated, through the Access Resource Center program; develop an Academic Accommodation Plan with an ARC counselor; and demonstrate measurable progress toward their educational goals. The Access Resource Center does not provide personal attendant care; students must be able to negotiate the campus facilities independently. For more information and campus assistance, contact the Access Resource Center at (831) 646-4070 or email The Access Resource Center office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Friday. Evening services may be arranged with adequate advance notice. The office is located on the first floor of the Student Services Building in STS 115.


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