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2017-2018 Catalog of Courses

CSU/UC Course Agreements Online at Assist Comprehensive articulation information, including transferable course agreements for all California community colleges, is available at ASSIST provides access to the most current articulation agreements between UC, CSU and the California community colleges. ASSIST information includes the general education requirements, major preparation, transfer pathways, C-ID (Course Identification Number), articulation, and links to the application websites and is updated in real time. Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) The TAG program at Monterey Peninsula College is a “contract” that universities make with students who meet the transfer admission requirements and will therefore receive early notification of conditional acceptance. These agreements have GPA minimum and unit completion requirements. TAGs can be submitted online with UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced, and UC Riverside. TAG requirements vary and are subject to change. The student must have completed at least 30 transferable units to submit TAG. You can file one TAG with your preferred UC campus September 1 through 30 at The TAG application is available online throughout the year and is submitted to your preferred campus from September 1 through 30. TAG students should begin the process early and contact the Counseling Department to schedule a counseling appointment. General Education Requirements MPC students who plan to transfer to a University of California or California State University campus in advanced standing (also called upper-division or junior level) should satisfy as many university general education and major requirements (prerequisites) as possible before transferring. High-unit majors such as engineering and biological sciences may be exempt from some general education and/or the IGETC pattern. Each campus of the UC system has its own specific general education and major requirements; however, many UC campuses will honor certification of the IGETC. Students should see a counselor for more information and check for articulation agreements. CSU General Education Pattern The CSU General Education-Breadth (CSU GE, see page 74) program allows California community college transfer students to fulfill lower-division general education requirements at any CSU campus prior to transfer. This curriculum provides an alternative to the IGETC requirements and to a university’s GE/ Breadth requirements. This can be a good option if you know you want to transfer to a CSU, but you do not know which campus you will attend, or if you know which campus you will attend, but do not know which major you will pursue. The GE-Breadth program is designed to educate students to: think, write, and speak clearly and logically; reason quantitatively; gain knowledge about the human body and mind; the development and functioning of human society, the physical and biological world, and human cultures and civilizations; and develop an understanding of the principles, methods, and values of human inquiry.

CSU-GE Certification Upon completion of lower division general education, transferring students should request that a CSU-GE Certification be sent to the CSU campus of choice. The request is usually made during the last semester/session and after acceptance to the CSU. Up to 39 of the 48 GE-Breadth units required can be transferred from and certified by a California community college. If students do not complete the general education certification requirements before transferring, the courses they complete may be reviewed differently. Contact a counselor for information regarding certification. Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) The IGETC is a series of courses that community college students can complete to satisfy lower division general education requirements at any CSU or UC campus; pattern is outlined on page 75. Courses must be completed for all areas with a grade of “C” or better. It should be noted that completion of the IGETC is neither a requirement for transfer to CSU or UC nor is it the only way to fulfill the lower division general education requirements prior to transfer. Students pursuing majors that require extensive lower division preparation (e.g., science, engineering, arts) may find the IGETC inappropriate to follow. The IGETC will probably be most useful for students who want to keep their options open before making a final decision about transferring to a particular UC or CSU campus. Counselors are available to help students decide which pattern to follow. IGETC Certification Once all requirements have been completed, the transferring student should request that a certification of the IGETC be sent to the University of California or California State University. Partial certification (i.e., certification of all but one or two courses) is allowed. Students must still complete all admission requirements for transfer: Areas 1A, 1B, 1C and Area 2 (see page 75 for IGETC). Students intending to transfer to CSU are required to take an additional course in Oral Communication and do not need to demonstrate proficiency in language other than English to transfer, but another language may be required for CSU graduation. Check your campus of choice. Contact a counselor for information regarding certification.


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