MPC Catalog 17-18 - Full Catalog_8-8-17

Program Requirements, Courses and Learning Outcomes

2017-2018 Catalog of Courses

Instructional Programs A primary objective of Monterey Peninsula College is to extend its services and resources to the community to help meet the community’s educational needs. Instructional services include day, evening and weekend instructional programs offered on the Monterey campus, at the Education Center at Marina, the Public Safety Training Center in Seaside, and offcampus locations, as well as a varied selection of distance learning courses and courses geared to meeting the needs of older adults. In meeting this primary objective, Monterey Peninsula College offers the following types of programs: Career technical: The career technical education programs offer the student basic technical and professional curricula to gain the skills and knowledge needed for employment, job advancement, certification, a Certificate of Achievement, and/or the associate degree. Transfer: The transfer program enables the student to complete the lower-division requirements in preparation for transfer to a baccalaureate- granting institution. MPC courses parallel those offered to freshman and sophomore students at the University of California, California State University, and private colleges and universities. Skills Development: A program of basic skills is offered to students needing to increase performance levels in English, reading, study skills, math, critical thinking and other fundamental skills required for successful completion of college-level course work. An English as a Second Language program is available for students whose native language is one other than English. Support centers are available for language and mathematics skill development at a wide range of levels. In order to increase access, Monterey Peninsula College offers many courses in the community as well as on the Monterey, Marina, and Seaside campuses. Numerous courses are offered through the Older Adult program at senior citizen centers and at other easily accessible sites. MPC also offers some courses at local high schools. Further, Monterey Peninsula College provides distance education through its growing number of online courses. Some online courses also require on-campus orientations. Finally, Monterey Peninsula College offers a wide range of courses through Instructional Agreements, providing educational opportunity in partnership with numerous agen- cies and firms in the community.

Degree and Certificate Information

Students who expect to graduate from MPC must file a petition for an associate degree and/or an application for Certificate of Achievement to receive a certificate. Students attending Monterey Peninsula College are eligible to receive multiple degrees. More specifically, a student may pursue more than one degree simultaneously. The requirements for the majors, along with the general education requirements, must equal a minimum of sixty associate degree-applicable units. Associate Degree The California State Board of Education has authorized the Monterey Peninsula College District Governing Board of Trustees to confer the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees. The Associate in Arts degree is awarded in the liberal arts area; the Associate in Science degree is awarded in the science and career technical fields. The associate degree is awarded upon satisfying the following: 1. Competency requirements

a. Reading b. Writing c. Mathematics d. Information competency

2. General Education requirements

3. Major requirements: Each course in the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. 4. A minimum of sixty (60) degree-applicable units (courses numbered 1-299 with MPC GE, numbered 1-99 with CSU-GE, or designated as UC transferable with IGETC) with a 2.0 (“C”) or higher grade point average. Pre-collegiate courses (300-399) do not apply toward the degree. Grades earned in non-degree credit courses are not included in the calculation of the degree-applicable grade point average. 5. Completion of twelve (12) units at Monterey Peninsula College, with at least six in the major area.


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