MPC Catalog 17-18 - Full Catalog_8-8-17

2017-2018 Catalog of Courses

Mission and Goals Mission Statement

Objective 2.4: Develop and implement a plan to increase the number of international students.

Objective 2.5: Create opportunities to partner with public and private organizations.

Monterey Peninsula College is an open-access institution that fosters student learning and achievement within its diverse community. MPC provides high quality instructional programs, services, and infrastructure to support the goals of students pursuing transfer, career training, basic skills, and lifelong learning opportunities.

Objective 2.6: Obtain extramural funding.

Goal 3: Review, revise, and communicate policies and procedures to support the college mission.

-Adopted by the Governing Board, October 22, 2014.

Objective 3.1: Review and revise Board policies and administrative procedures as needed. [Accreditation]

Values Statement To attain the mission of the college and enhance the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our diverse community, MPC strives to: •Cultivate collaboration to promote student success. •Recruit and retain highly qualified faculty and staff. •Provide students and staff with clean, attractive, and safe facilities. •Provide equipment and training sufficient to support student learning and achievement. Institutional Goals, 2014-2020

Objective 3.2: Develop and distribute handbooks to clarify committee functions and shared governance processes.

Goal 4: Establish and maintain effective infrastructure to promote student learning and achievement.

Objective 4.1: Strengthen connectivity, security, and sustainability of technology infrastructure. [Accreditation]

Objective 4.2: Implement an information management system. [Accreditation]

Goal 1: Help students achieve their educational goals.

Objective 4.3: Develop funding and sustainability model for technology. [Accreditation]

Objective 1.1: Create, delete and/or revise programs and curriculum to help students transfer or build job-related skills. [Meet SB 1440 and 440 requirements]

Objective 4.4: Review and revise facilities plan. [Accreditation and Fiscal Stability]

Objective 1.2: Develop and implement Student Success and Equity plans. [Student Success Initiative]

Objective 4.5: Create and implement a human resources plan. [Accreditation and Fiscal Stability]

Objective 1.3: Continue to develop continuing education program encompassing community education, contract education, and workforce development. See Strategic Initiative on Continuing Education. [Community needs] Objective 1.4: Provided essential support services for the Marina Education Center and the Seaside Public Safety Center. [Meet Accreditation standards.] Objective 1.5: Implement the online learning strategic plan that includes institutional support, protocols, and assessment. [Meet Accrediation standards] Objective 1.6: Maximize systematic participation in the Instructor and Program Reflections process for continuous quality improvement. [Meet Accreditation standards]

Objective 4.6: Update and implement the emergency response plan.

-Adopted by the Governing Board, November 19, 2014

History Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) commenced its operation in September of 1947 on the campus of Monterey High School, holding classes from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily. During this first year, 97 acres of land were purchased on Fremont Street. The following September, classes opened in converted barracks buildings with 280 students and 20 faculty members. The campus was originally designed for approximately 1,000 students, but by 1957 the enrollment had approached this figure and it was evident that new buildings were necessary. The engineering building was constructed in 1958, the library in 1960, and the art and music center and swimming pool in 1962. The junior college separated from the Monterey Union High School District in 1961 and became a separate junior college district. With this reorganization, the Carmel Unified School District and the Pacific Grove Unified School District became part of the Peninsula-wide junior college district. The student population as well as the need for additional classrooms continued to grow. In 1965, the building program was renewed, and the “temporary” buildings of 1948 were replaced with new buildings for business, humanities, life sciences, physical education, physical sciences and social sciences. The Lecture Forum, the College Theater, and the Student Center were part of this campus renewal.

Objective 1.7: Review and revise scheduling processes to meet student needs and increase class size average. [Fiscal Stability]

Objective 1.8: Meet the college’s Institution-Set Standards. [Meet Accreditation standards]

Goal 2: Establish and maintain fiscal stability.

Objective 2.1: Improve institutional efficiencies.

Objective 2.2: Create and implement a significant marketing plan.

Objective 2.3: Strategically improve and enhance enrollment and retention rates.


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